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How to use your M2008 or M2616 digital telephone

On Hook Dialing

  • Allows you to place a call leaving your hands free
  • Leave handset in cradle
  • Select free line (lamp not glowing)
  • Dial the required number - you will hear ringing or busy signal through the speaker
  • Called party answers - their voice is heard through the speaker
  • Lift handset to speak
  • To disconnect from a busy or unanswered call press the release key

Call Forward

  • Forward your calls to another telephone number
  • Leave handset in cradle
  • Press "CALL FORWARD" - lamp will blink
  • Dial number
  • Press "CALL FORWARD" - lamp will glow

To cancel call forward

  • Press "CALL FORWARD" - lamp goes out

To reinstate call forward (to same number)

  • Press "CALL FORWARD" twice - lamp will glow

Call Transfer

  • Listen for 3 quick beeps and dial tone
  • Lamp next to "CALL TRANSFER" will glow
  • Lamp next to line answered will blink
  • Dial number you want the call transferred to
  • Press "CALL TRANSFER" again


To add other lines in your existing conversation:

  • Press "CONFERENCE" - listen for 3 quick beeps and dial tone
  • Dial desired number and when called party answers you may speak privately
  • Press "CONFERENCE" to include original parties
  • If dialed number is busy, doesn?t answer or you wish to exclude from conference, press key next to blinking lamp to return to original parties
  • Repeat above steps for each added party