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Academic Support for Disability Services

It is the policy of Christian Brothers University to comply with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and with the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 in providing reasonable accommodations to qualified students with disabilities.A qualified student with disabilities is defined as a person who meets the academic and nonacademic admission criteria essential to participate in the program in question and who, with or without reasonable accommodation, can perform the essential functions of the program or course requirements.Christian Brothers University has many resources available to assist all students in their academic endeavors. In addition to the support services described below, Christian Brothers University also assigns to each student a faculty advisor who is knowledgeable about the curriculum and trained to help students navigate academic life.

Several library databases have text-to-voice technology incorporated with fulltext articles, provided the articles are available in plain fulltext (HTML). One example is Points of View, a database that devotes inself to providing pro and con views related to current events and hot topics. While some of the articles in PoV may only be in PDF, most of the online books, articles, transcripts and all of the overviews, points, counterpoints, and guides to analysis on specific topics are in HTML, and because of this they can be listened to as well as read.The Gale databases -- such as Academic OneFile, General Reference Center Gold, and Health Reference Center Academic -- provide many text-to-voice fulltext articles. When you find one, click on the Full-Text link to open the article; then click the Listen icon in the toolbox on the right side of the screen.

The Information Technology Services office (ITS) is located on campus in the Rosanne Beringer Center for Computers and in Buckman Hall. ITS maintains 550 PC's across campus for students, faculty, and staff. The primary platform is UNIX with Windows Operating System; however, 10% of CBU computers are Macintosh using the latest Apple operating system. Additional technical services offered at CBU include: telephone service, long distance service, cable TV, residence hall network connections, computer labs, Internet, and email services. ITS also provides help desk service to all students who need technical assistance.

The Counseling Center offers assistance and services to all students affiliated with Christian Brothers University. Confidential, professional services include personal counseling, personal development activities and workshops, study skills assistance, consultation, and referrals as deemed appropriate. Relevant reading and reference materials are available in the Center.Through the Counseling Center a unique Orientation/Peer Counseling Program is conducted each fall semester for all incoming freshmen. Small groups of first year men and women meet with their respective Peer Counselors once a week until fall break. Topics of discussion in the orientation classes include adjustment problems, study skills, test anxiety, stress reduction, time management, and other college-related issues. Successful completion of the Orientation 100 course is required for graduation from Christian Brothers University. The Peer Counselors, under the auspices of the Director of Counseling, are specially selected upper-class students who are trained and prepared to help students in their transition and adaptation to college life and to the Christian Brothers University community.

CBU’s Writing and Communications Corner seeks to foster a writing climate on campus and beyond by offering free writing support to Christian Brothers University students, faculty, staff and alumni. No matter what your writing abilities are, our writing specialists can help you develop the skills you need to become a successful writer. Located on the bottom floor of the Rosa Deal School of Arts building, the writing center is available for use by CBU students, faculty, staff and alumni. Call (901) 321-3955 for more information, or visit the WCC online to set up an appointment. 

The Math Center is your place for free one-on-one tutoring in math. It is also a place to do your math homework by yourself or in a study group with others in the center. We will help any CBU student with a math question or problem. We provide assistance in a warm and congenial atmosphere. We can get you through the toughest homework problem. The Math Center is located in the Cooper-Wilson Center, Room 321.

STARS (Students Tackling Autism-Related Syndrome)

The STARS program was founded to assist students on the Autism spectrum by facilitating academic and social support through peer and faculty mentoring, tutoring, social activities and career guidance.  Click here to read more about our story.