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Female students on campus

Founder's Club

We are grateful to the following individuals who have made generous contributions to the University.

  • Johnnie and Rex Amonette
  • Dr. Chadwick M. Baker
  • Mr. David E. Berges and Ms. Debra Kendall
  • Robyn Davis Birch and Joseph F. Birch, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Dudley, III
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Dunavant
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Erickson, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Mitchell Graves
  • Mr. and Mrs. William W. Graves
  • Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Marchant
  • Mrs. Robert Q. McEniry
  • Mr. and Mrs. David F. Olszewski
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jerry H. Patton
  • Ms. Lori M. Patton
  • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Posey, Jr.
  • Mr. Robert L. Schwarz, Jr.
  • Mr. Nitin H. Shah
  • Mr. and Mrs. Henry Turley, Jr.