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We Need Your Voice!

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This year at Christian Brothers University, we have 1,598 graduate and undergraduate students, 104 faculty members, and 134 staff members.

I'm going to ask you to do two things that will encourage each and every one of them.

First, share your story of how someone at CBU has impacted your life-a teacher, an administrator, a student, an alum. We'll post your story on campus to let our faculty and staff know they are appreciated, and let our students know what they can become.

Second, help more students write their own CBU story with a gift to the Fund for CBU. Over 95% of our students are only able to attend with the help of financial aid, including scholarships. Your gift today means more scholarships and the resources to keep CBU on the forefront of education.

I believe a Lasallian education from CBU is a great foundation for a life of faith, service, and community. Thank you for giving more young people the opportunity to learn and grow!

With sincere gratitude!

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John Smarrelli Jr., Ph.D.

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