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Alumni Association Leadership

The National Alumni Board is the governing board of the Alumni Association of Christian Brothers University. Members serve three-year terms and no member of the Board may serve more than three terms in succession. Members serve on various university committees, which include Enrollment Management, Advancement, Student Life, Education, Plants & Grounds, and Campus Ministry. Full board meetings occur four times a year, with individual committees meeting as needed. Anyone interested in joining the National Alumni Board or any of the committees should contact the Alumni Office at (901) 321-3270 or (800) 283-2925.

Constitution of the CBU Alumni Association

National Alumni Board

Lynnefer Perry, President ('98)
John Wigley, Vice President ('91)
Carmen Coleman, Secretary ('01, '05)
Maria Lensing, Immediate Past President ('01, '07)

Garrett Burton ('14)
Caroline Carrico ('10)
Megan Cathey ('02)
Raegan Cook ('13)
Carmen Coleman ('01, '05)
Kelly Crow ('09)
John Curran ('87)
Gregory O. Davis ('09)
Steven Hefner ('92)
John M. Lensing ('09)
Jittapong "JT" Malasri ('06, '12)
Sara Moore ('08, '10)
Michelle Nixon ('11)
Dr. Maureen O'Brien ('94)
Alex Rasmussen ('11)
Heidi Rubin de la Borbolla ('98)
Gabby Salinas ('11)
Nathan Sampson ('15)
Joshua Shipley ('01)
Kiara Suggs ('15)
David Tran ('05)
Kierra Turner ('16)

B.S. Natural Science, M.S., Physician Assistant Studies, CBU
Memphis, TN
Work Experience: Medical
Hobbies/Interests: Fishing, Travel, baseball
Favorite Memories of CBU? Going through the tunnel of Kenrick Hall, 21st birthday, rush week

B.A. History, CBU; M.A. History and Museum Studies, The University of Memphis
Memphis, TN
Work Experience: Exhibits, Museums
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, cooking, gardening
Favorite Memories of CBU? I met my husband on the second day of freshman orientation

B.A. Psychology, CBU
Germantown, TN
Work Experience: Real Estate
Hobbies/Interests: Cooking, reading, wine
Favorite Memories of CBU? Meeting my husband, all of my psychology professors

B.A. Human Development, M.S. Educational Leadership, CBU
Cordova, TN
Work Experience: Education
Hobbies/Interests: Biking, dogs, volunteering
Favorite memories of CBU: Cheer practice, walking around campus, Maurelian Hall

B.A. Religion and Philosophy, CBU; M.A. Business Administration, The University of Memphis
Memphis, TN
Work Experience: Development
Hobbies/Interests: Rescuing animals, volunteering
Favorite Memories of CBU? Anything with the honors program and Dr. Tracie Burke

B.S. Business Administration, Finance and Accounting, CBU
Memphis, TN
Work Experience: Finance
Hobbies/Interests: Golf, tennis, music
Favorite Memories of CBU? Any class of Dr. Schultz 

B.S. Civil Engineering, M.A. Business Administration, CBU; M.S. Civil Engineering, The University of Memphis
Memphis, TN
Work Experience: Engineering
Hobbies/Interests: Learning new things, binge-watching Netflix, mixed martial arts
Favorite Memories of CBU? The opportunity to give the opening prayer at baccalaureate and be a flag bearer at commencement 

B.A. Psychology, CBU; M.S. General Psychology, The University of Memphis; Ph.D. Social Psychology, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Memphis, TN
Work Experience: Faculty of Higher Education
Hobbies/Interests: Playing guitar, traveling
Favorite Memories of CBU? Joel Bellow doing magic tricks in our suite and sticking a playing card to our ceiling

B.S. Business Administration
Memphis, TN

Work Experience: Commercial Banking
Hobbies/Interests: Attending Arts Events (Ballet, Symphony, Theatre, Museums) and Reading
Favorite Memories of CBU: Riverboat and Senior Trip to the "Hollywood Cafe"

B.S. Business Administration, CBU
Germantown, TN
Work Experience: Digital Marketing and Sales
Hobbies/Interests: Kids and family (dad of 4). Footgolf, Soccer, Grizzlies, Live Music
Favorite Memories of CBU? Astronomy class, great peers, and faculty interactions

B.A. English, M.A. English, CBU
Memphis, TN
Work Experience: Education
Hobbies/Interests: Food allergy education, cooking/baking, reading, gardening, author lectures
Favorite Memories of CBU? Riverboat, ICC events, Buc Olympics, Maurelian memories, concerts, peer counseling

B.S. Biochemistry, CBU
Memphis, TN
Work Experience: Medical research
Hobbies/Interests: Expanding healthcare access, increasing visibility of women of color in STEM fields
Favorite Memories of CBU? Al Capone performing at Sofapalooza

B.S. Business Administration, CBU
Memphis, TN
Work Experience: Government
Favorite Memories of CBU? Brother Tony

Past Presidents of the National Alumni Board

Lawrence Adams Jr. ('61)
Henry Brenner ('68)
Anthony Brignole ('69)
Thomas Briggs II ('71)
William Buie ('57)
Larry Combs ('61)
Thomas Fehrmann ('77)
H. Lance Forsdick ('61) 
Richard Gadomski ('62) 
Joe Garbuzinski ('60) 
Teresa Griffith ('88) 
Carolyn Harper ('85) 
Matthew Johnson ('09)

Gary Lazarini ('63) 
Michael Lenahan ('70) 
Maria Lensing ('01, '07)

Larry Martin ('72) 
Richard O. Martin ('62)
Leo McKittrick ('65) 
John Moranville ('70) 
Donna Chandler Newman ('77) 
J.T. Novarese ('89) 
Jeff Old ('94) 
Henri Pellegrin ('59) 
Paul Posey Jr. ('89) 
Albert Raiteri ('64) 
Lisa Splan ('92) 
Ed Raniszewski ('76) 
Raymond H. Rolwing ('55) 
Bonita Sammarco ('81) 
Joshua Shipley ('01) 
David Silberberg ('56) 
Daniel R. Thompson ('57) 
Michael Watermeier ('68) 
Lawrence Welch ('83)