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Career Services Internships


Internships are a valuable part of the college experience. Across the university, these opportunities to gain career related experience can vary in many ways.

  • Internships can be paid, for academic credit, or both.
  • The time commitment usually averages to 10-20 hours per week.
  • Paid internships typically range anywhere from $10.00 to $20.00 per hour, depending on the nature of the work performed.
  • Internships can be performed on a part-time basis during each semester, and/or a full-time basis during summer months.

Internship opportunities that are offered for pay can be posted with our office through our CareerLinX system. Students can apply through the system or directly to employers by whatever parameters that are specified.

Academic Internships

Through the CBU Academic Internship Program, CBU students will have access to internship opportunities across the Memphis area. Theories and formulas learned in the classroom will take on new meaning as they are applied in business, government, and non-profit environments. The Academic Internship Program, as coordinated by Career Services, allows for consistency across campus in terms of student application process; employer communication; and data collection.


  • A cost-effective way for recruiting qualified and highly motivated students to meet company needs.
  • An opportunity to obtain additional employees to meet high demands during peak or seasonal needs.
  • Serves as a pipeline for qualified candidates, identifying potential future hires.
  • A source of fresh and diverse talent for new insight and ideas.
  • Training and development opportunity for managers and mentors.
  • Provides the organization with a central point of contact at CBU, along with a consistent and convenient process for intern application, selection and evaluation.
  • The opportunity for faculty internship advisors to focus solely on the academic component related to internships rather than the administrative tasks connected with internship placements and employer correspondence
  • Career Services will manage a centralized database of internship placements across campus, which will allow for more accurate data in reporting internship statistics of CBU students
  • Consistency across departments in internship application procedures, professional preparation, student selection and internship evaluation
  • The internship must be related to one or more of the academic departments at CBU.
  • The intern’s work must be project-oriented. No more than 25% of the work should involve clerical responsibilities (such as faxing, copying, answering phones, cold calling, and filing).
  • The intern must report to a professional staff member.
  • The intern supervisor must meet with the intern at the beginning of the term to provide an orientation and to explain responsibilities and expectations.
  • The intern supervisor is encouraged to provide feedback to the intern throughout the internship. A formal evaluation of the student will be requested by Career Services at the end of the semester.
  • The intern must work approximately 10 hours per week for a 3 hour credit internship. Approximately 5 hours of work per week must be completed for a 1 hour credit internship.
  • The internship lasts for approximately 16 weeks and can occur each Spring and Fall semester.
  • A “Request for Internship” form must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office in order to officially enroll in the internship course.
  • The internship does not require pay in that the student will receive academic credit. However, the student MAY receive compensation if the employer chooses to pay the intern.
  • Junior or Senior with a 2.50 Overall GPA.
  • The student must obtain faculty approval from the department awarding the credit.
  • The intern must inform the internship supervisor of requested time off and arrange to make up time missed in order to complete hour requirements.
  • The intern must abide by the employer’s policies regarding conduct, dress, and protocol.
  • The intern is expected to complete all assignments in a thorough and timely fashion.
  • Throughout the internship term, the student is encouraged to seek feedback from the supervisor. The student will complete a written evaluation of the internship experience at its conclusion.
  • Complete the online Academic Internship Proposal Form.
  • Receive notification of approval from Career Services Director.
  • Once approved, the internship site will be listed on the approved list of academic internships for Fall and Spring semesters.