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Campus Interviews

Campus Interviews

Campus interviews arranged through the Office of Career Services give students the opportunity to interview with small companies and major corporations, government agencies, and school systems. Our office arranges these individual interviews each year with dozens of organizations. Most of these interviews are conducted for full-time positions, and focus primarily on graduating seniors. Some campus interviews geared toward internships are occasionally held for sophomores and juniors as well.

If you are a Senior, you should register with CareerLinX and review sign-up procedures posted in the Lifeline Bulletin in order to qualify for these interviews. Details on each campus interview session are published as they are scheduled by employers.

The Office of Career Services provides a variety of books, videos, handouts, and packets to assist you in adequately preparing for interviews. Students should prepare for a campus interview just as they would for any other interview, including appropriate company research and professional dress.

Campus Interview Policies

The Office of Career Services uses a points system to track students who cancel or miss interviews:

Canceling an interview within 72 hours = 1 point
Canceling an interview within 24 hours = 2 points
No-Showing an interview entirely = 5 points

Any accumulation of points totaling five or more will result in loss of that student’s interview privileges for the rest of the semester. No-showing an interview is not only unprofessional, but also potentially keeps another candidate from interviewing at that time. No-shows will not be tolerated under any circumstances.


To schedule a campus interview date, please fill out an Interview Arrangement Form.  

An additional confirmation of your interview date will be emailed to you shortly thereafter. We will contact you if there are any conflicts or problems with your selected interview dates. Available campus interview dates for the Fall Semester run from September 15th through December 5th; dates for the Spring Semester run from January 15th through April 20th.  Fall & Spring Breaks are excluded.

Preselection Process:

All students and alumni register with our office through our CareerLinX on-line recruitment system.  Candidates have the option to post resumes, cover letters and other documents in their personal accounts. Resumes are also available for review by employers in the general "Resume Book", unless the candidate specifically opts out of that option.  If you opt to preselect students for your interview date, you will need to review these resumes, and select a list of candidates that you would like to interview. You should do this BEFORE students begin signing up for interviews. Register your company for a CareerLinX account, in order to be able to review our students' resumes and other pertinent information.  Keep in mind that preselection is not required; you may choose an "open sign-up" option, that will allow all candidates who meet your requirement to sign up for an interview.

Once you have reviewed the resumes of the candidates that you wish to see, you should email the list of names of the students you have selected to the Recruitment Coordinator. The Office of Career Services will then contact the students you have named, and ask them to sign up for an interview time.  Those candidates will then have the option to sign up for an interview time, or to decline the interview.  We will then contact you with a finalized interview schedule a day or two prior to the actual interview date, with the list of candidates scheduled to interview and the time for which they are scheduled.  If you have any questions, or need to make special arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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