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Graduate Engineering Certificate Course Description

Engineering Management Certificate Required Courses

ENGM 600. Theory and Applications in Engineering Management 
Management theories, concepts, and applications in an engineering or other technical environment; roles and responsibilities of the engineering manager as integral part of an organization’s overall performance; motivation and leadership theories and methodologies. Three credits

ENGM 603. Engineering Financial Management and Accounting
Understanding of financial decisions by corporations. Uses and limitations of accounting information. Topics include return on investment; return on assets; asset management; capital planning; budgets, controls, taxes, profit centers; financial and risk analysis. Three credits

ENGM 612. Technical Project Management 
Development and management of engineering and technology projects. Project proposal preparation; resource and cost estimating; and project planning, organizing, and controlling: network diagrams and other techniques. Role of project manager: team building, conflict resolution, and contract negotiations. Three credits

Packaging Certificate Required courses

Choose three from the courses listed below.

ENGM 640. Principles of Packaging 
Packaging materials, container types, processes, technology, and equipment. Packaging development process, testing and evaluation methods, standards, and equipment. Government regulations. Special projects. Three credits

ENGM 641. Distribution and Medical Device Packaging 
Physical distribution systems and distribution hazards. Rules and regulations governing distribution packaging and industry guidelines and practices. Basics of packaging materials, forms and sterilization methods used in biomedical industry. Packaging design, development, and validation. Special projects. Three credits

ENGM 642. Sustainability 
Sustainability criteria and sustainable packaging. Steps to sustainable packaging. Design for optimizing materials and energy. Real-life design and material innovations. Life cycle assessment, examples and carbon footprints. Current state of implementations of sustainable packaging. Special projects. Three credits

ENGM 643. Healthcare Packaging
Introduction to the basics of materials used for healthcare packaging including materials selection. The steps used for packaging design and development and use of suitable conversion process from raw materials to packages. The considerations used for aseptic packaging and added sterilization process, if needed. Storage and distribution of final products to customers with codes imprinted on products for quick identification of source details. Finally the most important steps of scope, planning, preparation, and for receiving of FDA validation. Three credits

ENGM 644. Transport Packaging
Transport packaging related organizations, test protocols, and testing equipment. Distribution hazards including shock, vibration, compression, and temperature/humidity. Shipping container design. Interior packaging design. Unit load design. Packaging performance testing. ISTA laboratory, package, and professional certifications. Three credits

Quality of Medical Devices Certificate Required Courses

ENGM 605. Quality Assurance
Statistical quality control methods for products and services; design of quality control systems; control of quality control inputs. Lecture and problem solving. Three credits

ENGM 650. Regulatory Affairs and Quality Systems 
Develop a basic understanding of regulatory affairs and quality systems related to medical devices to provide a better cross-functional working relationship and process efficiency. Three credits

ENGM 652. Quality Systems for the Medical Device Industry 
Develop a basic understanding of quality system requirements for medical device manufacturers based on both FDA and ISO standards. Three credits

Innovation Certificate Required Courses

ENGM 600. Engineering Management Theory and Applications
Management theories, concepts, and applications in an engineering or other technical environment; roles and responsibilities of the engineering manager as integral part of an organization’s overall performance; motivation and leadership theories and methodologies. Three credits

ENGM 611. Entrepreneurship for Engineering Managers
Organizational and financial planning and evaluation, Cost and location studies and market analysis to determine commercial feasibility of new products and services. Three credits

ENGM 621. Engineering Law
Legal principles and procedures; contracts and patents; liability, product liability, computer and environmental law; government regulation. Three credits

Information Technology Certificate Required Courses

ENGM 624. Knowledge Engineering
Concepts and applications of Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems, Artificial Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, and Software Agents. Three credits

ENGM 636. Computer Networks
Fundamentals of computer networks. Introduction to computer networking elements, architectures and protocols. Design and analysis of networks: topology, physical and logical communication and applications. Three credits

ENGM 637. File Organization and Database Management 
Survey of current database approaches and systems. Topics include DBMS types; architecture; introduction to SQL; query optimization. DB management project required. Three credits