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Helpful Chemistry Resources

Information Resources

  • WEB Elements is a database of the elements of the periodic table located at the University of California in Berkeley. 

  • American Chemical Society 

  • Chemcy ACS Publications

  • Chemical Information Services of Indiana University, CISIU, maintains an extensive collection of connections to chemical resources on the Internet.

  • Chemical Abstracts

  • CIRRUS, Chemistry Internet Resource for Research by Undergraduate Students, is a service of the Department of Chemistry of Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington.

  • Virtual Library in Chemistry from University of Liverpool.

Physical Constants

  • National Institute of Standards and Technology: Physics Laboratory 

  • Physical Constants


  • The Table of Contents for ACS Journals.

  • Science Online

  • Recent articles of The Journal of Chemical Education 

  • Catalog of computer software offered by The Journal of Chemical Education 

  • LC/GC The Magazine of Separation Science

  • Journals of interest to Chemical Educators.

Teaching Resources

Instruments Designed for Teaching TeachSpin, Inc. is dedicated to the design, development, manufacture, and marketing of instruments appropriate for laboratory instruction in physics and engineering. The company's goal is to become the world's premier supplier of high quality, hands-on, reliable apparati for advanced laboratory instruction.

  • Journals of interest to Chemical Educators. 

  • Chemistry Teaching Resources on the Internet, a service of the Analytical Chemistry section of the Department of Chemistry of Umeå University, Umeå, Sweden, maintains an extensive database of materials useful in teaching chemistry.

  • The Chemical Hypermedia Project of the Department of Chemistry at Virginia Tech University develops supplemental teaching materials for undergraduate students.

  • Chemistry Teaching Resources is another web site from with a nice set of links to resources.

Professional Societies

  • American Chemical Society ACS

  • Royal Society of Chemistry in the United Kingdom

Book Publishers

  • Academic Press Elsevier's Science & Technology publishing

  • W. H. Freeman 

  • Houghton-Mifflin Cengage Learning

  • Prentice Hall Pearson

  • John Wiley & Sons 

  • Chemistry Books in Print

Supplies of Scientific Merchandise

  • Advanced Chemistry Development's ChemSketch 3.5 Freeware Now available for FREE, the most intuitive, most advanced PC-based all-purpose chemical drawing and graphics software. Chemical drawing is fast and simple with a wide variety of atom and bond type buttons. Control font, valence, line thickness, color, placement, etc. The package allows users to use templates or free hand, click and draw molecules, ions, stereobonds, text annotations, polygons, arrows, etc. Package also gives automatic calculation of molecular weight and formula and estimates of density, refractive index, molar volume, etc. Import/Export includes a variety of formats such as MOL, ISIS Sketch, ChemDraw, and GIF. Cut and paste structures and reactions into a word processor. Includes tautomer identifier, 3D optimizer and 3D viewer.

  • HyperChem markets software dealing with molecular modeling and spectroscopy. This site includes several interactive examples of its software.

  • Beckman Coulter is a manufacturer of chemical instrumentation.

  • Buck Scientific is a manufacturer of chemical instrumentation.

  • Perkin Elmer is a manufacturer of chemical instrumentation.

  • IBM 

  • Microsoft 

  • Digi-Key is a major electronics supplier.

  • ISC Buyer's Guide of International Scientific Communications searches for product information with links to suppliers, in some cases.

  • Waters Corporation is a leading supplier of chromatographic equipment. 

  • Varian is another major manufacturer of chemical instrumentation.

  • National Instruments offers software, data acquisition systems and computer interface systems.

  • Fisher Scientific offers laboratory supplies and cheicals through its on-line catalog.

  • Omega

How to Cite Electronic Resources

  • Bibliographic Formats for Citing Electronic Information Citing Internet Addresses with examples

Virtual World of Chemistry

  • Glaxo Research and Development distributes free copies of a plug-in Web browser for VRML: RasMol through the University of Massachusetts - Amherst.

Medical School Information 

  • CBU web site devoted to Health Careers 

  • Association of American Medical Colleges site

Local Universities– Chemistry Departments

  • The Chemistry Department at Rhodes College has an extensive list of Internet sites to visit.

  • The Chemistry Department at the University of Memphis .

Organic Chemistry Internet Resources

  • Very Interesting Movies using Shockwave Software: Visual Aids for Organic Chemistry

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