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Use this format to cite encyclopedia entries.

APA (6th) General Format Entry Author last name, Entry author initials, & Additional Entry Author[s] first name, Additional Author[s] last name. (Year). Entry name. In Editor Initials Editor Last Name (Ed.), Title of reference work (Volume, first page-last page). Place of Publication: Publisher.
APA (6th) Example Kerman, J., Tyson A., Johnson, D., & Drabkin, W. (1980). Beethoven, Ludwig van. In S. Sadie (Ed.), The new Grove dictionary of music and musicians (Vol. 2, pp. 354-414). London: MacMillan.
MLA (7th) General Format Entry Author last name, Entry author first name, et al. "Title of Entry." Title of Reference Work. Ed. Editor first name Editor last name. Vol. number. Place of publication: Publisher. Print. (1) (2) (3)
MLA (7th) Example Kerman, Joseph, et al. "Beethoven, Ludwig van." The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. Ed. Stanley Sadie. Vol. 2. London: MacMillan. Print.
Turabian General Format (4) First Entry Author last name, First Entry Author first name, and Additional Entry Author[s] first name Additional Entry Author[s] last name. s.v. "Title of Entry." In Title of Reference Work, ed. Editor first name Editor last name. Place of Publication: Publisher. (5)
Turabian Example Kerman, Joseph, Alan Tyson, Douglas Johnson, and William Drabkin. s.v. "Beethoven, Ludwig van." In The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, ed. Stanley Sadie. London: MacMillan.


Tip: Many entries in reference works are anonymous. If there is no author, begin your citation with the entry's title. However, if there are authors, they will be listed at the end of the entry; be sure to look.

(1) MLA does not require full publication information (place of, publisher name) for well-known works; this information should be included for specialized reference works, however.

(2) MLA allows you to use "et al." when there are more than three authors for a work.

(3) MLA does not require page numbers when referencing a Reference work.

(4) While Turabian states that "Well-known reference books, such as major dictionaries and encyclopedias, should usually be cited only in parenthetical ciations" (7th ed., section 19.5.3), this would mainly apply to such works as World Book, Encyclopedia Britannica, the Oxford English Dictionary, and so on. Include specialized reference works, however, such as the one given in the examples; include even the more common reference work, if it is a work that you intend to cite frequently.

(5) If the reference work is arranged alphabetically, Turabian requires that you use the abbrevation s.v. (sub verbo = under the word) before the entry as shown in the example.