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How can I access academic support services (such as the library, counseling, advising, etc.)?

Student support and other academically-focused services are available online as students pursue remote courses. 

Connect with a Tutor/Mentor
These links will take you to CBU's Canvas login. Login with your CBU email name and password, and then you can sign up for these services.

  • Connect with a Peer Mentor:
  • School of Sciences Tutoring:
  • School of Arts Tutoring:
  • School of Business Tutoring:
  • School of Engineering Tutoring:
  • CBU Writing & Communication Center:

  • Plough Library has assembled COVID-19: Library Support, a guide that pulls together information about the library's resources and services during the time that CBU's campus is closed. Use the page to access our brand new "Ask a Librarian" chat service and to find information about accessing resources to use with research assignments. Remember that the library has a collection of databases that provide full text journal articles, ebooks, and streaming videos on all subjects.
    Of particular note, you should be aware that many subscription/purchase-only vendors are making their online products available for free at this time. Check the Temporary Free Collections for information as you complete coursework and research. Be aware that any of these resources may have special requirements for use. If they do, our page will provide access details.

    The guide also has pages dedicated to Faculty Support (including a special update on Course Reserves) and Interlibrary Loan during this time.
  • The Career Services team is available to remotely assist you with your career development and job and internship search. For quick tools and resources, visit or to schedule a virtual meeting, email The CareerLinX system is available 24/7 with access to job and internship listings.
  • The Counseling Center is also available remotely during this time of remote learning. Ms. Beverly Word, director of the Counseling Center, is available for appointments via WebEx teleconferencing. Should you wish to see her, please email her at to set up an appointment. She has also made this external resource regarding mental health and the COViD-19 pandemic from Mental Health America available.
What about final exams?

All Spring 2020 final exams were delivered remotely. Real-time (synchronous) exams adhered to the exam schedule for all classes — including the designed time limit to avoid running into other scheduled exams. Asynchronous finals or related summative assessments followed the professor's instructions regarding delivery amd timetable. 

How do I return my rented textbooks?

The CBU Bookstore is providing free shipping for the return of textbooks, and the due date has been extended to May 15:

  1. Go to and click "Sign in.” (Even if you rented in-store, you have an online account that matches the email address you provided at the register. If you don’t know your password, use the “Forgot Password” link to have a new password emailed to you.)
  2. Once signed into your account, click on "Rentals" to view all of your rented out titles. 
  3. Click "Return All Rentals by Mail," then select the books you wish to check-in. 
  4. Print your free return label, and ship your books back to the bookstore! Be sure to print and include the packing slip along with your books! 

Contact Melissa at the CBU Bookstore (Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.) at (901) 321-3545 or or visit

How do I return my library books?

If you are a graduating senior and have books to return to the library, this is what you should do:

  • Per the president's email of May 1, 2020, students may request permission to come to campus to take care of essential matters by emailing
  • Communicate through this email before coming to campus. 
  • Once approved, you can put your books in the bookdrop on the front porch of Plough Library. We will check them in when library staff are allowed to come back to campus. You will not be charged any overdues.

For students who will return in the fall, we have extended your due dates to August 31, 2020. In the event campus remains closed at that time, we will extend the due dates again. 

If you have questions about due dates on any Interlibrary-Loan books, contact Melissa Verble ( directly.

What about grades? Can we have the option of "pass/fail" in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the switch to remote learning?

As our period of remote instruction persisted through the end of the semester, we were keenly aware of its disruptiveness to your academic studies and achievement. So, to ensure and protect your continued progress towards attaining your degree, CBU instituted a temporary grade option for the Spring 2020 semester. This temporary grade option was available to students after grades had been posted for the Spring 2020 academic term. Students were allowed to decide whether to accept all of their grades as posted or to convert all of their grades to Satisfactory ("S"), Pass ("P"), or Unsatisfactory ("U"). These new grade designations carry no GPA implications. Students who took the option will maintain their current GPA. As a result, the option was crafted to reduce the GPA penalty for lower-than-desired academic performance due to mid-semester change in learning environments. Details on how this option worked are in this communication sent to students from the Vice President for Academics & Student Life on April 16.

There are additional FAQs regarding the temporary grade option available at this link. [Deadline has passed to request this option.]

What is the plan for Summer 2020 courses?

All CBU Summer 2020 courses will be offered online. If we are able to offer any elements in a socially-distanced face-to-face format, we will provide that information on this website and on our site devoted to summer programs,

What about academic internships for Summer 2020?

In an effort to prioritize the health and safety of our University and greater community, Summer 2020 Academic Internships for course credit will proceed only if the experience can be completed remotely. Thus, the internship must be established and conducted virtually in order to earn course credit for a summer internship.

Is the campus closed?

The CBU campus is closed during this time of remote learning and work. Only those employees who have been approved to work on campus, as well as students and visitors with scheduled appointments, will be allowed on campus at this time. Faculty and staff should continue to work with their deans and supervisors to determine their future work plans. Anyone facing an essential need to come onto campus should email to seek approval for a scheduled appointment. We strongly urge all visitors to wear a facemask and practice social distancing while on campus.

What about mail?

All mail and packages delivered to the on-campus mailroom will be held for students until campus resumes normal operation, as is done during other campus breaks (including holidays). For students receiving essential packages, please email to set up an appointment time to pick up your package. Students are encouraged to set up a temporary change of address in order to receive mail during this period of remote learning. To temporarily change your address, fill out the USPS temporary change of address form here.

What about Commencement?

The University has also cancelled the CBU Commencement Exercises that were scheduled for May 9. We are exploring all alternative options including holding the ceremony for Spring 2020 graduates to a later date. A survey was sent to graduates requesting feedback on Commencement, and from the responses, it has been decided that:

  • A stand-alone Commencement Ceremony for the Class of 2020 will be held in the Fall. This will be a singular celebration for all candidates receiving an associate, bachelor’s, or master’s degree. 
  • A Baccalaureate Mass at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception will be held on the Friday evening of the chosen weekend. 

Once the University receives the appropriate guidance from local government and health officials to resume normal operations, we will communicate the particulars of our plans with our campus community, including an opportunity for graduates to receive graduation announcements and to take cap-and-gown photos.  

Yet, as much as possible in this age of "sheltering from home," we hope to honor and celebrate the Class of 2020 in May as well. Every day during the upcoming month, the University will celebrate our graduates on our primary social media platforms — FacebookInstagram, and TwitterGraduates, please review and complete this form to learn more about each day's featured content and how to participate in these unique social media events.

(Any general Commencement inquiries or questions regarding this social media initiative should be directed to Wilson Phillips in the Office of Student Life.)

There will be no refunds available for the graduation fee as it covers a range of expenses associated with not only the commencement ceremony but also the processes of evaluating student transcripts and certifiying degrees for graduation. 

When will I get my diploma?

The Office of the Registrar plans to begin mailing out diplomas after Memorial Day. It is important for all graduates to log in to BannerWeb (Student Services > Student Records > View Application to Graduate) to verify their diploma name and mailing address. Diploma addresses are separate from mailing addresses.  If you have moved since you applied for graduation, please promptly email your updated diploma mailing address along with your student ID# to no later than Friday, May 22. If your diploma name does not match your name in Banner, you must complete a Request for Name Change form, and supply legal documentation that verifies your requested diploma name.

If you are an international student and have listed a diploma address outside the United States, please be advised that mailings outside the United States cannot be tracked to ensure delivery unless the student pays for Federal Express services. If you wish for your diploma to be sent via Federal Express, please set up an account with FedEx and forward the account number to for third-party billing.

Can I come onto campus to take graduation photos?

We truly regret that we cannot accommodate requests for photos on campus at this time. The CBU campus remains closed for the protection of our community and our neighbors in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation. To ensure everyone’s continued safety and well-being, we have been advised to limit access to only those with an “essential need” for now.

We are especially aware that this situation has created some major disappointments around graduation, a time when we would normally consider celebration to be an “essential need.” But these are not normal or ordinary times in which we find ourselves currently living. As such, we are simply unable to safely accommodate the number of requests that allowing this exception to the “essential need” policy would prompt.

We sincerely hope to provide some celebratory options and opportunities for our graduates when it is deemed safe to reopen our campus that will at least partially make up for the disappointments that this pandemic has visited upon us all.

Will CBU be offering housing and dining refunds?

Christian Brothers University will be offering prorated rebates and credits for our students who have had to leave campus housing early due to the coronavirus crisis. Details are in this communication sent to resdient students from the Vice President for Academics & Student Life and the CFO on April 1.

What can I do if I'm facing a financial emergency?

The CBU Student Emergency Fund will assist current CBU students whose education has been disrupted or threatened by the COVID-19 crisis. This initiative seeks to provide financial support for those students who otherwise may not be able to complete their degrees at CBU because of a shortfall in resources. Students who apply for assistance regarding academic or non-financial personal matters will be helped to find the appropriate support. Request assistance here.

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