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Students at PCs

Equipment & Software

You will need the following items to access and interact in your online courses. Usually a new PC or MAC will have all the requirements listed below. 


  • You should have dedicated access to a computer using a modern operating system such as Windows 7 or Mac OS X. Also make sure to have access to a back-up computer (work, friend or relative’s computer) in case of equipment failure.
  • A high-speed Internet connection is highly recommended for all courses. We cannot guarantee multimedia components will work on slower connections. Some wireless connections might also present a problem. Unfortunately, we cannot distribute hard copies (e.g., cd-rom, dvd-rom) of multimedia items.
  • Many courses use audio-video presentations. You will need speakers, microphone, and headphones for the presentations.

Software Requirements

This software is available at no cost except the MS Office suite, and Adobe Acrobat version 10, however there are free alternatives for both. It is recommended that you download the software even if you already have it on your computer. Many technical problems you might encounter can be resolved by installing the latest version of the following software.

  • Firefox Web Browser – In order to simplify compatibility issues, we ask all students to access their courses using Firefox (Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari have limited functionality)
  • Adobe Flash Player – Many courses include A/V presentations which require the Flash Player.
  • Adobe Reader – Many courses include .pdf documents which require Adobe Reader.
  • Adobe Writer – Many courses require homework submitted in PDF. There are several free converters on the web such as PDF Converter.
  • Java Runtime Environment – Many courses incorporate content which requires JRE.
  • MS Office or Open Office – Courses require updated business suite applications. Open Office is a free alternative to the MS Office suite.

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