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Professional Organizations

Engineering Management Honor Society

The Alpha Delta Chapter of the Epsilon Mu Eta Engineering Management Honor Society is open to students enrolled in the Master of Science in Engineering Management Program at Christian Brothers University elected to membership and those members of Epsilon Mu Eta with Christian Brothers University.

To be elected to membership, you must have shown both exceptional academic achievement and excellent character. Superior character is defined by the student's leadership, professionalism, integrity, and other demonstrated principles that define the core values of the Master of Engineering Management Program and Christian Brothers University. 

Alpha Delta Chapter Mission:

  • To promote the Discipline of Engineering Management
  • To maintain the highest level of personal and professional excellence in and out of the classroom
  • To contribute to the growth of Engineering Management by providing resources, volunteering, mentoring, and teaching
  • To recognize outstanding achievement by Engineering Management students and Engineering Managers
  • To develop and adapt the Master of Science in Engineering Management Program at CBU to meet the needs of surrounding industry
  • To educate prospective students, local companies, and the engineering community about the benefits of Engineering Management
  • To support current students and alumni in educational and career development.

American Society for Engineering Management 

The American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM) is your connection to students from the other 200+ masters programs and thousands of practitioners worldwide. You can join ASEM as a special student rate for the length of time you are a CBU MSEM or MEM candidate. 

The Memphis Local Section of ASEM is currently being formed.

For more information about both Epsilon Mu Eta and ASEM, contact the CBU Graduate Engineering Program Director.

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