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Group of girls in the quad

Enrollment Methods

There are three different ways for students to participate in the Dual Enrollment Program at CBU:

  • Method 1: CBU can send out course notes, lectures, and tests on a CD-ROM to participating high schools for teachers to administer to their students. This method requires that the desired course is available on disc, the high school has approval from the local Board of Education, and the school has all of the required facilities to administer the class. This method is ideal for students abroad.
  • Method 2: The high school teacher (if approved) can follow a syllabus that CBU has approved.
  • Method 3: Students can take required classes on CBU's campus. This method allows students to participate in the program, even though their respective high school may not participate in the above methods.


Fall Semester August 1
Spring Semester December 1
Summer Semester May 1

For more information, contact or (901) 321-4416.