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Financial Aid

For your convenience, we have put together this simple guide to financining your graduate education at CBU. Please take a look at the simple instructions below and the Tuition Discount documents to the right and let us know if you have any questions. We would be more than happy to assist you!

Applying for Financial Aid

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Tuition Discounts

CBU knows the importance of making a quality degree affordable. For that reason, we offer discounts for:

In order to take advantage of the available discounts, please stop by the Department of Education in Kenrick Hall to pick up a Tuition Discount Request Form. This must be completed each semester before tuition is due.

Teachers must currently hold an apprentice or professional license. Proof of employment must be provided – a current pay stub or contract are two items that may be used to verify employment. These documents must be presented each semester that a discount is requested.

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Teacher Loan Forgiveness

If you have been a teacher for at least five consecutive years and teach in a low-income school, then you may be eligible for $5000 in loan forgiveness.

Teachers who have student loans earned through the Federal Family Education Loan Program are now eligible for forgiveness. There are standards to be met for qualification. For further information about the qualifying standards, visit the Federal Student Aid website.

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