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Electrical engineering students in lab


The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering continues an outstanding tradition of preparing students for careers in a variety of engineering fields. Since the Department was formed in 1952, we have granted approximately 1,000 Bachelor of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering. The degree program is accredited by ABET.

Originally, the department emphasized the core electrical engineering disciplines of power systems, controls, and electronics. In recent years, we have expanded our course offerings to meet the your demands and have included computer engineering areas as well. While you receive a degree in electrical engineering for accreditation purposes, you have the option of selecting either educational track. The electrical engineering track emphasizes electronics, controls, and digital systems to provide you with a solid background to work in a variety of industrial positions. The computer engineering track emphasizes digital systems, networks, and software issues. Graduates of this track normally work with the design and operation of digital computer or communication systems.

Regardless of the track you select, you have the opportunity to take a wide variety of senior electives. The department works with other engineering faculty and advanced industry practitioners to offer courses such as artificial intelligence, computer interface design, computer graphics, and forensic engineering. In addition, the program is designed to allow you the chance to earn minors in mathematics, computer science, or engineering psychology.

ABET accreditation