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Ignite CBU

Tuesday, April 08, 2014, 06:30pm

Ignite CBU 2014 is going to be explosive!

Join us Tuesday, April 8 at 6:30 p.m. in Spain Auditorium for the our second annual Ignite CBU! Each presentation is five minutes long, consisting of 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. Ignite is a worldwide phenomenon and we are hosting our very own right here at CBU. Don¹t miss it. Go to for more information. Ignite CBU is presented by the CBU Honors Program and the CBU Alumni office.

• “Journalism Disrupted: Entrepreneurs and the Nouveau Niche” by Burton Bridges (Economics and Finance ’09)
• “Why I CHOOSE to be an Educator: The Importance of STEM Education” by Tiffany Corkran (Physics ’15)
• “Another Side of Female Objectification” by Bijou Coulibaly (Accounting ’16) and Taylor Goode (Psychology ’14)
• “Moral Relativism” by Eddie Gallarno (Mathematics ’15)
• “Modernly Convenient” by Patrick Ghant (Business Administration ’15) and Travis Whiteside (Business Administration ’15)
• “I Hate Math” by Rebekah Herrman (Mathematics and Physics ’14)
• “5 Things You Can Do to Make Your Server Hate You AND Why Tipping is SO IMPORTANT” by Danielle Hobbs (Psychology ’13)
• “Friendship is Awesome” by Noah Kelley (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science ’16)
• “Tips to Study Better” by Michael MacMiller (Psychology ’15)
• “How Gaming Can Improve Our Educational System” by Breanna Nikaido (Computer Science and Electrical Engineering ’16)
• “The ‘R’ Word” by Payton Powers (Undecided ’17)
• “Creating Your Brand” by Jordan Smith (Creative Writing ’14)
• “Why I Will Probably Never Amount to Anything” by Kierra Turner (Biology ’16)
• “Wauford Enterprises” by Becky Wauford (Mechanical Engineering ’16)

Location  Spain Auditorium


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