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Honors Students

Spring 2014 Activities

Honors Program Extracurricular Activities
 are hosted by members of the Honors Board of Directors. Note that it is through your RSVPs that we ensure we have adequate food, drinks, and (if appropriate) transportation. Thanks for giving us adequate notice of your attendance when requested.

Spring 2014 Activities
Honors Program Extracurricular Activities
Hosted by members of the Honors Board of Directors

Spring 2014 Activities
Honors Program Extracurricular Activities
Hosted by members of the Honors Board of Directors

1) Fashion on a Budget WIL and Board of Directors Meeting - Wednesday, Jan. 15 @ 6:30pm and 8:00pm 
Honors Room (Kenrick 211) • Hosted by Lauren Jeu, Tiffany Corkran, Kelsey Coolican, and Logan Butler

At 6:30 the Honors Program Board of Directors will meet to discuss this semester’s activities and how to make the HP even better! Have an idea? Send it our way! 

At 8:00 it’s an all-play and everyone from the HP should join in for our Fashion on a Budget WIL. Start the New Year off right by saving some money and still looking fabulous! Join us for the Fashion on a Budget WIL where we will share our tips and secrets on getting the most out of your buck when you're shopping. 

2) Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Prayer Service – Thursday, January 16 @ 1pm
Spain Auditorium

The annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Prayer Service will be conducted on Thursday, January 16, at 1:00 p.m. in Spain Auditorium. The award-winning speech from the previous evening Oratorical Contest will be presented, as will special musical selections from CBU’s newly formed “Divine Voices Gospel Choir.” The speaker for the service will Reverend J. Lawrence Turner, Senior Pastor of Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church, who will address the theme of “Called to Serve.” No need to RSVP, just be sure to be counted present.

3) MIND* Meeting - Wednesday, Jan. 22 @ 8:00pm  (*Meet · Inspire · Network ·Develop)
Montesi Executive Center (Buckman 211)• Hosted by B.O.D Members 

At our first ever MIND meeting, we will – among other things -- discuss upcoming Honors opportunities, update you on CBU happenings, meet our newest HP members, have a professional development activity, discuss ways to improve our community, and hear from one of our outstanding alums, Kaci Murley of TnAchieves, who will give her perspective on the value of the Honors Program and what you need to be doing now to secure a better future. 

MIND meetings happen every month. HP members are required to attend two per semester. You must email Dr. Burke every month with your RSVP (and, if you won’t be there, why). Future MINDs are February 19, March 19, April 23 – all 8 to 10pm.

4) Reception with film director Tom Shadyac - Thursday, Jan.23 @ 4:45 - 7:30ish pm
Lipscomb Pitts Breakfast Club (who brought us Richard Montañez, the janitor who discovered Flaming Hot Cheetos)
Meet in front of Cooper Wilson at 4:45 to drive to Holiday Inn at UofM – Seats limited to 15
Hosted by RaKesha Gray

We’ll join the Memphis community and UM students for a private reception featuring the writer, director, producer, and documentarian, Tom Shadyac who directed Ace Ventura, Liar Liar, and Patch Adams, among others. In his latest project, a documentary titled, I AM, Shadyac explores the true meaning of life and discovers his life's purpose by asking "What is wrong with our world, and what can we do about it?"  The event will be geared toward both students and business leaders alike for a fun and enriching experience. There will also be a Q&A.  RSVP by 5pm this Friday, January 17 and let me know if you can drive. Learn more about Tom Shadyac: See Tom Shadyac on the Oprah ShowWatch the Documentary, "I Am" for Free Online  - also on Netflix; Read Tom's Book "Life's Operating Manual" for Free Online (Fun Fact: Tom’s older brother, Richard Shadyac Jr. – Rick – is CEO of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital fund-raising arm, ALSAC)

5) Trustee Scholarship Reception – Friday, Jan. 24 @ 6:00-7:30pm
Sabbatini Lounge

The Department of Admission has invited us to participate in this reception for our Trustee Scholarship interviews. A diversity of majors is needed. Let Dr. Burke know if you are interested in representing the HP and charming potential Baby Geeks. If you are selected to attend, please plan to stay the entire time.

6)  Alumni Trivia Competition -- Friday, Jan. 24 @ 7:30pm (doors open at 7, trivia at 7:30)
Alfonso Dining Hall • Hosted by Tiffany Corkran

Think you’re smart? Think you know a lot about random stuff? As usual, the Honors Program will be participating in the CBU Alumni Trivia competition. We can have up to eight players. Free soft drinks and snacks are provided. There will even be some door prizes! RSVP to Dr. Burke by noon day of, sooner is preferred. 

7) Wednesday In The Lounge – Family Feud WIL, Wednesday, January 29 @ 8:00pm
Honors Lounge • Hosted by Anna Birg and Jaustin Tubbs                  

Another first in the HP – our own version of Family Feud. We’re not sure what Anna and Jaustin    have up their science sleeves, but we can’t wait to find out! No need to RSVP, just come on by.

8) Let’s talk about Race - Thursday, January 30, at 1:00 p.m.
Spain Auditorium 

Talking about racial and ethnic diversity can be a divisive conversation, but it doesn’t have to be. A diverse panel of CBU students, led by facilitator Dr. Kelly James, Assistant Professor of Behavior Sciences, will talk about their lives and we will share insights and dispel some myths

9) HP Great Gatsby Ball – Friday, January 31 @ 8:00-11:00 – open to the entire campus and friends
Sabbatini Lounge               

Hosted by Rebekah Herrman, Cameron Owens, Hope Gilbertson, RaKesha Gray, Logan Butler, Samantha Bennett, Caitlin Terry, Megan Mosier, Kelsey Coolican, and of course, Trey McGinnis

Come dressed to impress in your best Great Gatsby gear for an enjoyable evening of geeky fun—complete with a chocolate fountain, awkward photos, and fun! Prizes will be awarded for best costume for both male and female. $3 admission fee. Open to all. If you can RSVP that will help; if you can’t, show up anyway.

10) Farm to Table conference at CBU – Tuesday, February 4 – all day, but you can come and go
Buckman Hall

Christian Brothers University is proud to be the host for the 4th annual Mid-South Farm to Table Conference. And you can attend for free! With sessions like Planting the Seed: How to Become a Young Farmer in the Mid-South, Theory and Practice: The Role of Colleges and Universities in Building a Just, Local, and Sustainable Food System, and Urban Homesteading, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. Sessions last all day from 10:15 am to 3:00 pm and you are welcome to attend any session that you can make. For a full agenda as well as some more information on the conference, go to Students can attend for free but must email Sean MacInnes at Additionally, if you attend the conference you need to let me know.

11) Evolution vs. Creation: Debate at the Creation Museum – Tuesday, February 4 @ 6– 8:30pm
Assisi Hall 153

Bill Nye the Science Guy takes on Ken Ham, founder of the Creation Museum in this live streamed event. 

"Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern, scientific era? Leading creation apologist and bestselling Christian author Ken Ham is joined at the Creation Museum by Emmy Award-winning science educator and CEO of the Planetary Society Bill Nye. Ham, a former science instructor who emigrated to the USA from Australia over 25 years ago, is joined by the popular children’s program personality Bill Nye “the Science Guy” for this first and only scheduled debate. Each man delivers what he believes is the best information currently available for his case. Each then has an opportunity for rebuttal and afterward answers questions submitted by the audience."( 

Sponsored by HeBrews (shout out to Abbie Stovall!), this event is open to all, so bring your pals. RSVP any time before the event. 

12) Documentary WIL – Wednesday, Feb. 5 @ 8-10pm
Honors Classroom • Hosted by Logan Butler and Kelsey Coolican

No need to RSVP, just come on by.

13) 12 Years a Slave – Thursday, Feb. 6 @ 5:20pm – 9ish  
Meet at Cooper-Wilson at 5:20 to drive to Paradiso

If you follow film, you know Twelve Years a Slave earned Best Picture at the Golden Globes. Yes, it’s THAT good. And CBU is renting out an entire theatre for us to see it (just like Elvis!). Join students and faculty from all over CBU for this incredible film, followed by a discussion led by Br. Allen and Dr. Jeff Gross. RSVP by Tuesday, February 4 (sooner if possible), and let me know if you can drive.

14) An Oriental Monsoon – Sunday, Feb. 9 @ 7pm

“An Oriental Monsoon” is a performance by students from China of classic Chinese opera, folk songs, ethnic dances, martial arts, traditional music, and ancient instruments. The performance is aimed at fostering understanding of Chinese culture among students and the public. We are one of only ten stops on this group’s tour of the United States. RSVP by noon day of, sooner if possible.

HOMECOMING WEEK February 10-15 – lots of geeky Greeky fun!

15) HP Board of Directors Meeting – Wednesday, Feb. 12 @ 5:30 to 7pm

(We will not have a WIL tonight because of All-Sing, which starts at 7pm in the Theatre)

16) The Vagina Monologues – Thursday, Feb. 13 @ 6:00 to 9ish? at Rhodes College
Meet at Cooper-Wilson at 6:00 to drive to Rhodes • Hosted by Taylor Goode and Tyler Stranburg

The Vagina Monologues is a play performed at venues all over the United States around “V-Day” in order to bring awareness to the problem of violence against women. 

"The Vagina Monologues is made up of a varying number of monologues read by a varying number of women. Each of the monologues deals with an aspect of the feminine experience, touching on matters such as sexloverapemenstruationfemale genital mutilationmasturbationbirthorgasm, the various common names for the vagina, or simply as a physical aspect of the body. A recurring theme throughout the piece is the vagina as a tool of female empowerment, and the ultimate embodiment of individuality” (from Wikipedia). Note, this play obviously deals with mature (and sometimes controversial) subject matter. If you aren’t sure about it, do your homework before RSVPing. And men, if you want to understand women, this would be a darn good start.

RSVP by 5pm Wednesday, Feb. 12, sooner if possible, and let me know if you can drive.

17) Trustee Scholarship Reception – Friday, Feb. 14 @ 6:00-7:30pm
Buckman 211 – Montesi Executive Center • Hosted by Katie Robinson 

The Department of Admission has invited us to participate in this reception for our Trustee Scholarship interviews. A diversity of majors is needed. Let Dr. Burke know if you are interested in representing the HP and charming potential Baby Geeks. If you are selected to attend, please plan to stay the entire time.

18) TCHC Practice and Volunteer Training  – Monday, Feb. 17 @ 6:00pm – 8:30ish

Everyone presenting at TCHC will practice their presentations tonight in a Buckman 226 and give each other helpful feedback. Please plan to stay the entire time. Volunteers arrive at 6:00, presenters at 6:30. Volunteers will practice moderating sessions during the presentations

19) Square Dancing! – Tuesday, Feb. 18 @ 6:15-10ishpm 
Meet in Cooper-Wilson at 6:15 to drive to Cordova • Hosted by Becky Wauford and Julia Kueter

Another HP first, we are going square dancing!!! We’ll circle left, circle right, and do-si-do! Square dancing is super fun. You know why? Because you don’t have to know what you’re doing – someone talks you through the entire night!  RSVP by 4pm day of.

20) MIND* Meeting - Wednesday, Feb. 19 @ 8:00pm  (*Meet · Inspire · Network ·Develop)
Montesi Executive Center (Buckman 211) • Hosted by B.O.D Members Caitlin Terry, Tyler Stranburg, Kelsey Coolican, and Trey McGinnis

MIND meetings happen every month. This month’s Alumni Spotlight is on Dylan Perry,’10 Religion and Philosophy, ’13 Master’s in Public Service from the Clinton School, and Associate Director of Lasallian Volunteers. His focus will be on networking.

HP members are required to attend two per semester. You must email Dr. Burke every month with your RSVP (and, if you won’t be there, why). Future MINDs are March 19 and April 23.

21) TCHC - State Honors Conference at CBU – Friday & Saturday Feb. 21 & 22  
Hosted by Tyler Stranburg, Rebekah Herman, Caitlin Terry, Becky Wauford, RaKesha Gray, and Trey McGinnis, 

Once again we will be participating in the Tennessee Collegiate Honors Council Conference! And not only that we will be hosting it this year. Geeks from all over Tennessee will present class papers, research, senior projects, and information about the Honors Program. This is a wonderful opportunity to get professional experience in a friendly, supportive setting. The conference will be held at your dearly loved Christian Brothers University. Student cost is only $15! And you don’t have to worry about driving for hours!  Don’t miss this one, there won’t be another TCHC like TCHC at CBU.

22) Dr. Who WIL -- Wednesday, February 26 @ 8:00pm
Honors Lounge • Hosted by Becky Wauford, Tony Le, and Megan Mosier

Who doesn’t love Dr. Who? Well even if you don’t know WHO that is, come by tonight’s WIL and learn all about the craze that surrounds this hit BBC series. No need to RSVP, just come on by. Non-honors welcome.

23) Playback Memphis: Memphis Matters – Saturday, March 1 @ 7:15pm – tickets are limited
Meet at Cooper-Wilson at 7:15pm to go to First Congregational Church (performance starts at 8) • Hosted by Carly Geis and Sarah Welch

This is a super cool event that your tiny director lady has been wanting the HP to go to for years. Playback Memphis is an improvisational theatre troupe that acts out stories told by the audience. This particular presentation will focus on our city: Memphis Matters provides audiences a wonderful opportunity to connect with the ‘heart’ of Memphis. At performances, we gather together to reflect on our identity as citizens of this unique and growing city. Seeing our impressions, observations, and stories come to life via Playback strengthens our shared community and lifts our collective civic spirits. You are always welcome you to share a story, or just sit back and watch the magic unfold. For more information, go to www.playbackmemphis.orgRSVP by noon, Feb. 27 and let me know if you can drive. Honors only.

24) Race: Are We So Different? – Tuesday, March 4 at 3pm
Meet in Cooper-Wilson at 3 to drive to Pink Palace Museum • Hosted by Anna Birg, John Austin Tubbs, Kierra Turner

Let’s learn some really important stuff today. The exhibition Race: Are We So Different? brings together the everyday experience of living with race, its history as an idea, the role of science in that history, and the findings of contemporary science that are challenging its foundations. Interactive exhibit components, historical artifacts, iconic objects, compelling photographs, multimedia presentations, and attractive graphic displays offer visitors to RACE an eye-opening look at its important subject matter (for more info, go to RSVP by noon day of and let me know if you can drive. Honors only.

25) BOD meeting and Teach Your Talent WIL -- Wednesday, Mar. 5 @ 6:30 and 8:00pm
Honors Lounge (Note, BOD may meet in a different room due to the Rome class meeting in the HP) • Hosted by Kierra Turner, Anna Birg, and YOU!

BOD meets at 6:30 and then at 8:00 the fun begins. Tonight’s WIL is Teach Your Talent. Bring your talent (or passion) and help the rest of us become more well-rounded. Please let me know what YOU would like to teach your HPeeps. Honors only.

26) Respect Yourself: A Celebration of Stax Records – Thursday, March 6 @ 5:00pm
Meet at Cooper-Wilson at 5:00 to drive to Rhodes’ McCallum Ballroom • Hosted by BODers

Tonight the HP is going on a soul-shaking trip through the past, present and future of a true Memphis treasure, featuring informal performances and discussion. In the 1960s and 1970s, Stax’s musicians turned the whole world onto the Memphis sound and their impact continues today. This event is hosted by author and filmmaker Robert Gordon, whose recent book of the same name has earned wide acclaim. Joining Gordon for this conversation are four legendary members of Stax’s musical family: Bettye Crutcher, songwriter, producer and recording artist; Willie Hall, drummer and producer; Don Nix, guitarist, producer and recording artist; and Marvell Thomas, keyboardist and producer. There will be some light refreshments, but eat before the event if you can. Non-honors are welcome but must RSVP. RSVP by noon day of and let me know if you can drive.

SPRING BREAK       March 10-16

27) HP2X: Honors Program Harry Potter Expedition -- Monday, March 10 to Friday, March 14  
Hosted by Michael Stuart and Tiffany Corkran 

This is the opportunity of a lifetime! Now is the time when the two greatest schools on earth will meet, Christian Brothers University and Hogwarts. While not quite as dangerous as the Tri-Wizard tournament, this HP spring break trip to Harry Potter World is guaranteed to be fun for all ages. This is an Honors-only event. Alcohol use by students under 21 will result in expulsion from the HP (no this does not include butter-beer). Alcohol use by students over 21 is discouraged. Strongly discouraged.

28) Pizza with the Professor: Physics Phun – Tuesday, March 18 @12:45-1:45pm 
Assisi Hall 005 • Hosted by Rebekah Herrman and Tiffany Corkran

Come join us as Dr. Clarke demystifies the realm of physics. We will see demonstrations from various fields of physics, but especially Electricity and Magnetism (Dr. Clarke's specialty). And we’ll have pizza! RSVP by 11am day of if you want pizza. 

29) MIND Meeting - Wednesday, March 19 @ 7:00–9:00pm  (Meet · Inspire · Network ·Develop)
Montesi Executive Center (Buckman 211) • Hosted by Becky Wauford, Katie Robinson, and Sarah Welch

MIND meetings happen every month. HP members are required to attend two per semester. You must email Dr. Burke every month with your RSVP (and, if you won’t be there, why). Last MIND is Wed. April 23.

30) Wait Watchers @ the Dixon – Thursday, March 20 @ 6:00pm
Meet at Cooper-Wilson at 6pm to drive to the Dixon Gallery and Gardens • Hosted by Taylor Goode and Carly Geis

Ever think our society places too much emphasis on weight and appearance? If so, Memphis College of Art professor Haley Morris-Cafiero would agree with you. Morris-Cafiero began taking self-portraits three years ago, capturing images of people who appeared to be critical of her body type. She called the collection “Wait Watchers” and hoped to start a conversation about judging people by their appearance. In February 2013, photos from the collection were featured in a blog. The next day, Huffington Post wrote an article profiling her work and from there, the photos went viral, being featured in over 40 articles world-wide including, Marie Claire South Africa, fotoMagazin, and DailyMail UK. She has been interviewed on CBS This Morning, NPR and Huffington Post Live. (From For more info., go to RSVP by 4pm day of and let me know if you can drive.

31) CBU Service Day with Colleges of Memphis – Saturday, March 22 at 8:15am to noon

Stay tuned for more information about this Colleges of Memphis service event. Colleges of Memphis is the organization that hosted us for the National Civil Rights Museum/South Main event in the fall.

Four students who do this service will be able to attend the event below (but you are not required to do both. You could do service and NOT go to lunch. You could go to lunch but not do the service. They are really separate events that happened to fall on the same day, so I figure there will be at least some overlap in the participants.)

32) (Following the above event) 100 Things to Eat in Memphis (with Dr. Burke) Before You Die – Dyer’s Burgers on Beale – Saturday, March 22 @ 12:30pm
Meet at Cooper-Wilson at 12:30.

After the service project above I will be taking four students to lunch in the second stop on our 100 Things to Eat in Memphis Before You Die journey. The Commercial Appeal has published this list for the last two years and we are going to get through it before Dr. Burke retires. Today’s meal will be at Dyer’s Burgers on Beale Street, where we will have – what else? – a burger (and maybe a shake)! Dyer’s has been around since 1912 and they claim to have used the same grease all those years (now doesn’t that sound yummy!). They’ve been on lots of “top 10 burgers in the U.S.” lists. Check them out at

The purpose of 100 Things to Eat…is to introduce students to Memphis dining institutions (meaning well-established, historic, or “must-dos”) and give them an opportunity to get to know each other better. “Fine” print: Ideally, one student from each class (freshman through senior) will attend. Of those who RSVP, I will determine who goes (based on a number of factors). Others will be put on the waiting list. Only one HP BODer may attend. Since this only happens once per semester, my preference is for students to not go more than once during their time at CBU. RSVP asap but no later than 5:00pm Wednesday, March 19.  

33) ROAD TRIP!! Discovery Park of America in Union City – Sun. March 23 @ 9:30am to 6ishpm - $10 plus food
Meet at Cooper Wilson at 9:30 to drive to Union City • Hosted by Michael Stuart and Julia Kueter

You won’t believe what’s just up the road in Union City. Check out to see this “world-class educational and entertainment experience with more than 70,000 SF of exhibits focused on nature, science, technology, history, and art.” We’ll leave CBU around 9:30am (so early!), make the 1 ½ hour drive to Union City, explore Discovery Park, and return around 6pm (but we can’t be exactly sure when we will get back).

34)  Nerds go to the Griz! Monday, March 24 @ 6:00pm – Only ten tickets!
Hosted by Kelsey Coolican and Logan Butler

Seats will be limited for this nerdy Grizzlies outing. Additionally, only fun, rowdy, cheery, Dancecammy Geeks should apply. Wear some red swag (ideally a CBU t-shirt) and let’s get ROWDY!!! We’ll have nosebleed seats but that gives us the opportunity to study all sorts of nerdy things like oxygen content, the effects of altitude on hot dog toppings, the civil engineering wonders of basketball stadiums, and the audience Geek to Jock ratio and its relationship to game outcome. We might also ponder why a Memphis team is called the Grizzlies, for Pete’s sake! RSVP asap (but be sure you can attend). These seats will go fast. Let me know if you can drive. Again, if you go to this game you need to be in red and be ready to yell for the Griz!! 

35) Build Something Out of a Bunch of Random Stuff WIL -- Wednesday, March 26 @ 8:00pm
Honors Lounge • Hosted by Rebekah Herman, RaKesha Gray, and Becky Waffle

We’re going to bring some stuff and put it on the table, and then you are going to build something out of it. That is all. No need to RSVP, just come on by.

36) Vanderhaar Symposium – Thursday, March 27 @ 6:45pm
CBU Theatre – arrive at 6:45 to sit together • Hosted by RaKesha Gray, Jaustin Tubbs, and Kierra Turner

"Fostering a Just Food System" - an evening of conversation around creating a robust, just food system with Malik Yakini, Executive Director of the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network. Malini is dedicated to working to identify and alleviate the impact of racism and white privilege on the food system. He has an intense interest in contributing to the development of an international food sovereignty movement that embraces Black farmers in the Americas, the Caribbean and Africa.  He views the “good food revolution” as part of the larger movement for freedom, justice and equality. - See more at:

An annual symposium, the Vanderhaar was founded in memory of Dr. Gerard A. Vanderhaar, a professor of religion and peace studies at Christian Brothers University for more than 28 years. Vanderhaar spent his lifetime promoting peace through active nonviolence. Additionally, the Vanderhaar Student Peace Award will be presented. This award is presented to a student who best exemplifies the spirit and practice of active nonviolence. This event is open to the public so please invite non-Honors friends. RSVP by 4pm day of or be sure to sign in at the event.

37) Auto Scavenger Hunt for Big and Little Geek pairs (and others, who will be paired up) – Friday, March 28 @ 6:00 – 9:00 – ALL BIG AND LITTLE GEEKS ARE EXPECTED TO ATTEND
Meet in the Honors Room (Kenrick 211) at 6pm (be sure you’ve eaten dinner) • Hosted by Julia Kueter, Tiffany Corkran, Hope Gilbertson, Anna Birg and Trey McGinnis         

We’ll divide into groups of 4 or 5 (each group must have a car) and have fun while learning about the hotspots of Midtown Memphis. This will be a great way to get to know your Big or Little(s) and to have an excuse to do silly things in public (like you need an excuse!). RSVP to Dr. Burke by noon day of, sooner if possible and let me know if you can drive.

38) Coffee and Conversation WIL -- Wednesday, April 2 @ 8:00pm
Honors Lounge • Hosted by Tachele Anderson, Carly Geis, and Kierra Turner

Like the coffee houses of old we will gather together to talk about the issues of our time and drink too much caffeine (or decaf, or tea, or hot chocolate, or Diet Coke or…..). Topics will range from popular culture to politics to what’s going on at CBU and in Memphis to……whatever comes up. No need to RSVP, just come on by. 

39) Ignite CBU – Tuesday, April 8 @ 6:30pm
Spain Auditorium • Hosted by Rebekah Herman, Taylor Goode, and Tyler Stranburg

“Enlighten us, but make it quick” is the tag line of the international Ignite phenomenon. Ignite presenters share their personal and professional passions, using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds for a total of five minutes. What are you knowledgeable, passionate, angry, or excited about that you want to share with the world – or at least CBU? This was a dynamite event last year, so don’t miss this year!

Any member of the CBU community can present at this event – student, faculty, staff, alum, Trustee – just limit it to five minutes! Go to to watch hundreds of other Ignite videos. And here’s an Ignite presentation on how to give an Ignite presentation: - how cool is THAT?? Deadline to propose your Ignite CBU presentation is Tuesday, March 25. Email This is a unique opportunity and a good professional development challenge. Encourage your friends to participate.

40) Game Night Swap with AXiD WIL -- Wednesday, April 9 @ 8:00pm
Honors Lounge • Hosted by Sarah Welch, Carly Geis, Megan Moser, and Katie Robinson

That’s right, we’re having a SWAP. It will be Geeks and Greeks playing all sorts of fun games and making new friends. No need to RSVP, just come on by. We’ll have our usual drinks and snacks, but tonight we’ve ordered some extra silly.

41) Help a Brother Out Day -- Thursday, April 10 @ 4:00pm
Meet at Lambert Hall • Hosted by ­­­­­­­­­­­­­Megan Mosier and Tyler Stranburg

Every year, the Honors Program completes a service project to help our amazing Christian Brothers. This can range from gardening, to cleaning, to scrubbing statues – whatever they need us for! Come prepared to lend a hand and do a good deed. Oh, and get your picture taken a lot! RSVP by noon day of. If you forget to RSVP, come on over! 

42) Nerds (and CBU) go to the Birds! – Friday, April 11 @ 6:00pm
Meet at Cooper-Wilson at 6pm to drive to Autozone Park • Hosted by the Honors BOD

It’s CBU night at the Redbirds!!! Baseball, hot dogs, CBU t-shirts, a CBU professor throwing out the first pitch, organ music, and maybe even the CBU Deckhands – what more could one want for a perfect Friday night in April? RSVP to me but go to to get your free ticket. If they run out of tickets, let me know. RSVP by 5pm noon Thursday, April 10, and let me know if you can drive.

43) Henna and Hula Hoops – Sunday, April 13 – 1 to 3pm
Buckman Quad • Hosted by Sushma Kalava, Payton Powers, Tiffany Corkran, and Caitlin Terry

If there are two things that Honors kids love, it’s henna and hula hoops. Grab your hoop (or someone else’s) and see what Sushma and Payton have cooked up! This is also the day of the Dr. Smarrelli’s reception for accepted students in Alfonso hall, starting at 2pm. RSVP by 5pm Saturday to help us plan, but come on out even if you forget.

44) ArtBreak – Monday, April 14 at 7:00pm – Co-sponsored by the Art Club and Department of Visual and Performing Arts
Studio B – basement of Kenrick Hall • Hosted by Taylor Goode, Hope Gilbertson, Sarah Welch and Caitlin Terry

Feeling the stress from overachieving? Overwhelmed by your five papers or your senior project? Take a break and come create a unique piece of art with a bunch of other arty (and not so arty) nerds. And who knows, this just might kick start those creative juices you need to finish your academic work! RSVP by noon day of. If you forget to RSVP, come on down, anyway. (But seriously, RSVP – it really helps.) Honors and Art students only.

45) BOD meeting and Life Size Game WIL -- Wednesday, April 16 @ 6:30 and 8:00
Honors Lounge • Hosted by Rebekah Herrman and Michael Stuart

Note, BOD may meet in a different room due to the Rome class meeting in the HP

At 6:30 PM the Honors Program Board of Directors will meet to conduct the business of the Program and make it even better! Have an idea? Send it our way!

At 8:00 the fun begins.  Rebekah and Michael and the others are cooking up a life size game of something. Let’s see what it is and how it goes. I’m just hoping for some life size refreshments! 

46) MIND* Meeting - Wednesday, April 23 @ 7:00 to 9:00pm  (*Meet · Inspire · Network ·Develop)
Montesi Executive Center (Buckman 211) • Hosted by B.O.D Members 

MIND meetings happen every month. HP members are required to attend two per semester. You must email Dr. Burke every month with your RSVP (and, if you won’t be there, why).  

47) McKellar Lake Cleanup with the Memphis River Warriors – Saturday, April 26 @ 9:00am
Meet in front of Cooper-Wilson at 9:00am • Hosted by Julia Kueter and Caitlin Terry

We’ve been cleaning up McKellar Lake for a couple years now, and we are now true Memphis River Warriors!! Grab your best HP, CBU (or other) pals and let’s clean up one of the dirtiest waterways in the country. Check out this great Youtube video for a taste of what we will be doing. (if nothing else, the video demonstrates how good music can make even picking up trash look enjoyable). Note: You MUST wear closed-toe shoes! RSVP by 5pm day before and let me know if you can drive.

48) The 7th Annual CBU “Last Lecture,” presented by Dr. Holmes Peacher-Ryan –Thursday, May 1 @ 12:45pm 
Spain Auditorium • Hosted by Rebekah Herrman, Michael Stuart, and Kierra Turner

Please join the Honors Program and the CBU community for this extraordinary event during which Dr. Holmes Peacher-Ryan (Mathematics) will give his hypothetical “Last Lecture.” Last Lectures usually include the professor’s reflections on their academic career, advice for better living, and even a few laughs. Known for great stories and funny quotes, Dr. Peacher-Ryan will not disappoint. Light refreshments will be served at 12:30. RSVP by 8pm day before, but attend even if you didn’t RSVP (just be sure to sign in). This is open to the entire University so bring your non-Honors friends. Based on past Last Lectures this is a not-to-be-missed event!  . 

49) Cooking with the Capstone class WIL -- Wednesday, April 30 @ 8:00 pm
Honors Lounge or other location TBD • Hosted by BODers 

This year’s Honors Capstone students have learned how to ethically select, prepare, and cook food and now they’re teaching US!  Please RSVP by 5pm Monday so we can plan for food.

50) ROAD TRIP!!! Tennessee Renaissance Festival – Friday/Saturday, May 2 & 3 - $40 plus turkey leg (your food)
Meet in Cooper-Wilson at 6:00pm Friday to travel to Arrington, TN • Hosted by Megan Mosier and Trey McGinnis

We have a rare opportunity (due to the CBU calendar “shift” this year) to take in the Tennessee Renaissance Festival. We’ll travel up on Friday evening, grab a seedy hotel (J/K, it won’t be that seedy; well, maybe….), spend Saturday at the Festival, and return late Saturday night. Students will pay $40 plus food. RSVP by Tuesday, April 29, sooner if possible.

51) Final Honors Program Board of Directors’ Meeting – Monday, May 5 @ 6:00 – 9:00pm
Honors Lounge • Hosted by Kelsey Coolican, Logan Butler, and Katie Robinson

At our end of year HP BOD meeting, we will have Chinese food, plan for next year, celebrate the service of the retiring BOD members, and welcome our new ones. If you are interested in serving on the HP BOD, please watch for an email from Dr. Burke in the weeks prior to this meeting. If you have ideas for next year, please send them to Dr. Burke.

52) EOYE – End of Year Extravaganza -- Friday, May 9 @ 4:30pm – 7:00pm
Montesi Executive Center and CBU’s front lawn • Hosted by Tiffany Corkran, John Austin Tubbs, Hope Gilbertson and Sarah Welch

We’ll have some fun, some Central barbecue, and some Diet Coke!!! Because of the addition of our Spaghetti Warehouse dinner (see next entry), we will be shifting many of our EOYE activities to that (but we can’t take the giant sling shots to Spaghetti Warehouse so……)! Be sure to attend for your last chance to play “I like people who” with your Honors pals before the summer. RSVP by noon Thursday, May 8 so we can plan for food. This is an Honors-only event (sadness).