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It's an exciting time to be a resident student at CBU. 

Living on campus is the best way to stay connected, get involved, make new friends, and enjoy the full college experience.  The Residence Life staff is here to assist you in any way possible to be sure your on-campus experience is an enjoyable one.

The information below explains the process of signing up for campus housing. If you need help and/or have questions about any step of the process, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Housing Deposits

Please remember The Office of Student Life will NOT accept deposits of any kind. You are to bring the RECEIPTS AND COMPLETED CONTRACTS OF ALL YOUR ROOMMATES to Student Life.

Dates and Information Regarding Housing Sign-Ups

MARCH 31-APRIL 11, 2014
Pay down payments in the Business Office.

For the 2014-2015 academic year, down payments for Rozier, Maurelian, Stritch, Capstone, and the LLC are all $300.00.
These down payments are non-refundable.

MONDAY, APRIL 14 AT 12:15 P.M.

Students seeking residence in any one of the Capstone buildings (O’Hara, Pender, or Oakdale) are invited to attend the lottery in Alfonso Dining Hall at 12:15.
Example: If Wilson’s apartment, Alton’s apartment, and Ray’s apartment all have 15 points. then the three of those will be thrown into a hat and an order chosen.


At various times, students will be asked to come to pick their assignment. Only one person per apartment or suite has to be present during the drawing.
Students who have paid the down payment and completed a contract will be invited to sign-up for a space in any one of the residence halls.

Living Learning Center Sign-Up Procedures

Information For Housing Sign-Up

  1. Seniors                                  +4 points
  2. Juniors
                                  +3 points
  3. Sophomores
                          +2 points
  4. Freshmen
                              +1 Point
  5. Past Capstone resident           +1 Point
  6. Past Maurelian resident          +1 Point

Full Capstone apartments consist of four individuals of the same gender.

Full Rozier/Maurelian suites consist of six individuals of the same gender. (2 double rooms, 2 single rooms).

General Policies Regarding Consolidation

The Director of Residence Life makes every effort to assign each resident to his/her preference. However, if a resident is currently being billed for a double room assignment and does not have a roommate, or the roommate moves out, the consolidation process begins. It is the policy of the Residence Life Office to offer the option for single rooms wherever possible. If the resident wishes to remain in a double occupancy, the resident will have to move to another double room assignment. Residents living
in the apartments will be consolidated to other apartments comparable to their current apartment when the number in that apartment falls to two residents or less. Consolidation will begin no later than the second week of classes.

Residence Hall Closure For Academic Year 2014-15

Explanation of Living Learning Community Choices for Living Learning Center

If you selected Living Learning Center (LLC) as your residence preference 1st or 2nd Choice, then on page 1 of the contract you need
 to choose one of the hall’s four Living Learning Communities that you fit — and also sign below that you have read about the following benefits and can meet the requirement and expectations for your Community.

All the Learning Communities offer special extracurricular activities on and off campus (usually free to you!) geared towards that group’s theme, which are coordinated by the professor leading that Community. Each Learning Community is grouped together on one floor of the LLC, so the number of singles in each Community is limited, and priority in roommate assignment is given to those who prefer someone in that same Community. The Director of the Living Learning Communities will work to accommodate students wanting to live with a roommate from another Learning Community, but it will be on the floor that has available space.

Example: If Wilson is a Science Major fitting in the Science and Engineering LLC, but he prefers to share a room with Alton who is a Business Major fitting in the Hospitality, Tourism and Sport Management LLC, then the Director of the LLCs will assign Wilson and Alton in a room together on the floor that has the space to accommodate their request (so at least one of these two students won’t be on his Learning Community’s main floor).

Each Community’s floor location can’t be set until after the incoming freshmen are all assigned to their proper Learning Community during Summer Orientation sessions, so specific LLC room assignments will not be sent out until August 7. However, if you meet the requirement for the Learning Community you selected on your completed Housing Contract and also bring your deposit receipt, then you will be informed at the Housing Day LLC Sign-Up table starting at 6:00 p.m. on April 14 if you will be put on the list of students to be placed in the LLC for the next school year.

Please send Dr. Ben Jordan an advance email at about which Learning Community you are interested in, any potential roommates, your majors, if you are each in the Honors Program, or Dr. Jordan’s HUM 210 Fall Sustainability class so he can advise you on if you are selecting the right Community on your Housing Contract in preparation for you coming to register on sign-up Day starting at 6:00 p.m. on April 14. If you can’t fit any of these four Communities, please contact Dr. Jordan.

For more information about each Community, please take a look at the Living Learning Communities page.

If you have a roommate preference in a different Community, or don’t know which Learning Community you fit, then choose the likeliest Community and please contact Dr. Ben Jordan, Director of Living Learning Communities, at