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Interfraternity Council

The Christian Brothers Interfratnerity Governing Council (IFC) is the coordinating body for the three IFC fraternities on campus. Many of these fraternities are affiliated with the North-American Interfratnerity Council, the trade association representing 66 international men’s fraternities.

The three fraternity organizations on CBU’s campus include Kappa Sigma, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and Tau Kappa Epsilon. In addition to these three chapters, the IFC Governing council works to support these organizations as it is structured to serve as a foundational space to encourage all chapters in their commitments to promote scholarship, service, and brotherhood, while also following the policies and guidelines outlined by the North-American Interfratnerity Council (NIC).

The IFC Governing Council is also in charge of coordinating and overseeing all administrative duties of the formal recruitment process that takes place on either the fourth or fifth week of school in the fall semester of each new school year. During recruitment, the men on the IFC Executive Board disaffiliate from their respective chapters to help guide and direct the men that register to go through recruitment.

In addition to planning recruitment, the IFC Governing Council also works to craft programming and activities that address current issues affecting men today. With a dedication to supporting men and their development, it is the IFC’s hope to celebrate strong men and continue to help them grow to be the best they can be.

IFC Recruitment

CBU's Interfraternity Governing Council fraternities traditionally admit new members in September through the IFC Formal Recruitment Process. This process alternates between the fourth and fifth week of school each year during the month of September. Through this process, men are given the opportunity to interact with each chapter, where they typically eat a meal together, hear from a speaker, and learn more about the organizations' commitment to service, scholarship, and brotherhood. 

IFC Formal Recruitment 2020 will be held the fourth week of school in September. The application will be available starting in May 2020.  

Membership Requirements

To be eligible to join an IFC fraternity, you should: 

  • Be a male student
  • Have full-time enrollment, including first-semester students
  • Apply and complete the online registration form
  • Pay a participation fee of $10 at the time of registration