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Kyle Bellu
Biology:  Class Of 2019
Intern at Baptist Heart Institute

The Baptist Mindset:  Kyle Bellu, a junior biology major with minors in chemistry and cognitive neuroscience, had the internship of a lifetime at Baptist Memorial Hospital last semester. It is not often that a student is offered the chance to shadow surgeons during operations, but Kyle was that exception. “It was incredible to come after hours and have the connection with the doctors” as he shadowed brain surgeries in the evening hours one Wednesday night. Kyle has ambitions to earn a MD and PhD and become a neurosurgeon, and he has particular research interests in Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy in military personnel and contact sport athletes. Darla Belt, Kyle’s mentor during the internship, saw this experience as a means for Kyle to explore his interests, especially after learning of his career ambitions in the medical field.

With the help of the Surgery Administrator, Kyle was able to get a hands-on experience very few get. Kyle stated, “Darla and I established a very close relationship, and I learned so much through her example, and I greatly admire her intellect, determination and kindness.” Baptist Memorial Hospital prides their institution on providing quality healthcare while keeping the three-fold ministry of Christ in mind: Healing, Preaching, and Teaching. Kyle went on to say, “Some of the best doctors in the world work at Baptist. I was very fortunate, and I really bought into the Baptist mindset of caring and excellence, which I fully intend to apply in my own practicing of medicine in the future.” We know one thing is for sure: Baptist will never lose sight of this Scotland native, soccer superstar, and his determination to heal and help others.

Alexis Burton
International Business:  Class Of 2020


Cassady May
Psychology:  Class Of 2019

Hannah Schultz
Mathematics:  Class Of 2018

Anne Youngblood
Mechanical Engineering:  Class Of 2018

Holly Oyhenart
Sports Management/Banking:  Class Of 2018

Abby Ferreira
Psychology:  Class Of 2019

Jasmynn Freeman
Psychology:  Class Of 2019

Lauren Woog
Psychology:  Class Of 2018

Lydonia Brown
Accounting:  Class Of 2018

Maya Freeman
English For Corporate Communications & Psychology:  Class Of 2018

Maya Hill
International:  Class Of 2018

Meghan Hutton
English:  Class Of 2018

Rahul Reddy Gouravaram
Master Of Engineering Management:  Class Of 2018

Tabatha Holmes
Accounting:  Class Of 2019

Theresa Havelka
Psychology:  Class Of 2019

Yuri Hayslett
Sports Management:  Class Of 2019