International Student Spotlight: Bjoern Ole Klehn

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International Student Spotlight

International Student Spotlight: Bjoern Ole Klehn

Bjoern Ole Klehn

Does your name have special meaning? My first name is Bjoern, and it's Swedish. It means bear — ha ha!

Hometown: Rostock — it’s near Berlin and it is Germany's largest Baltic port. In addition, my city receives the highest number of cruise tourists in Germany every single year.

Major: Currently, I am a Business major but I will switch to Natural Science soon.

Class Year: I am in my freshman year at CBU.

Tell us about yourself: I am a long jumper on the CBU track team. At the age of 15, I enrolled in a boarding school for students in sports, which was about five hours from my hometown. I was required to practice up to 12 times a week.

Why did you choose to come to CBU? Christian Brothers University is very small, and it has its own little community. I don’t like being a number ― I prefer being Bjoern. The University is known for its academics as well, which is a plus. And I really like the warm weather in Memphis.

What advice do you have for new international students to help them adjust to life in the US? You should definitely get in contact with your teammate or suitemate before you arrive in the United States. They can help you to settle fast and can show you some fancy spots around the city. You should also start watching American TV shows to improve your English.

If CBU students visited Germany, where should they go and why? They should definitely go to Berlin. Berlin is a very historical city, and the people are very kind. You can do a lot in Berlin like go to the beach, sightseeing, or just chill in a park called ‘Tiergarten’ (see picture above). The park is even bigger than Central Park in NYC. If you want to go clubbing, Berlin is the place to be! They play different genres of music and you are allowed to enjoy the nightlife scene at the age of 18. 

What is the name of your favorite restaurant in Memphis?  I tried fried chicken for the very first time in Memphis at Gus’s. It was very good.

Are you looking forward to visiting any Memphis landmarks or attending any special events? Yes, I am definitely looking forward to the festival season in the spring.

Is there anything else the CBU campus community needs to know about you or your culture? If you want to visit Germany, you should get a fast car, because we don’t have any speed limits on our highways.

Posted by Cory Dugan at 11:41 AM