International Student Spotlight: Nikole Agront Rodriguez

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International Student Spotlight

International Student Spotlight: Nikole Agront Rodriguez

Nikole Agront Rodriguez  

Does your name have a special meaning? My name is written with a K because of my mother's name, Karilssa, and it means "victory of the people."
I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and lived in the same house all of my life in the small town of Toa Baja.  What I love about this city is that is close to everything: the mall, beaches, and parks.
Class Year: Sophomore
Tell us about yourself:
I love to cook (even when I'm not great at it), I'm and only child, and dogs are my favorite animals.
Why did you choose to come to CBU?
CBU was my number one option for colleges in the U.S. because of its Lasallian values. I graduated from Colegio de la Salle in Bayamon, PR, therefore I wanted to continue my education in a Lasallian institution. I knew that  CBU would have a rich learning environment and community feel that I wanted.
What are your involvements at CBU or clubs did you join at CBU?
 As of right now I'm in the Honors Program and S.T.A.R.S. I work as a peer tutor and in the Language Lab helping students with their Spanish conversation skills.
What advice do you have for new international students to help them adjust to life in the U.S.?
I would tell them to not worry about getting homesick. College life in the United States is full of adventures. You get to have new experiences every day. My advice to them would be to get more involved in the CBU community if they want to get that real college experience. You get a chance to live independently, so use that opportunity to the fullest without exceeding any limits.
What do you enjoy most about being an international student at CBU?
 My advice is don't be afraid to share and embody your culture and traditions. CBU has very welcoming and accepting professors, staff, and students who want to know about different cultures. Also, I would encourage you talk to your professors (even if you have a thick accent and think they won't understand you or will judge you [they wont!]), because it will help with the process of taking classes that are not in your first language. Finally, I would advise you to say "Yes" to any and every opportunity presented to you.
If CBU students visited Puerto Rico, where should they go and why?  
In Puerto Rico, students should visit El Yunque (pictured above). It's a tropical forest with amazing vegetation and wildlife, perfect for going on hikes. Once you walk to the top of the mountain, the view is spectacular! When you look to the right, you will see the beach and to the left, you'll see the mountains. It also has a waterfall and rivers to cool you down.
Do you have a hangout spot on campus? I usually hang out in the dorms with my friends.
What is your favorite class and why? 
My favorite class so far has been English with Dr. O'Hare because besides analyzing the readings, we talked about  different social, racial, and political problems that are happening today.  

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