International Student Spotlight: Wenting Zhu

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International Student Spotlight

International Student Spotlight: Wenting Zhu

Wenting Zhu

Does your name have special meaning? My Chinese name is Zhu Wenting. In Chinese, we put our last name first and first name last. Zhu is my family name. Wen means literature and quiet. Ting means graceful.
Hometown: Wuxi, China
Major: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Class Year: Senior
Tell us about yourself: I am the only child. I like playing video games and my favorite is JX3 online. I also like music and I can play the Guzheng (Chinese string instrument). In addition, in my spare time, I like to sing.
Why did you choose to come to CBU? The engineering program attracted me to CBU. The University is very small and it’s a private school – which is a plus. The faculty members are very friendly and they made me feel welcome. Memphis is a nice city to live in.
What advice do you have for new international students to help them adjust to life in the U.S.? It was hard for me in the beginning because it’s a totally different culture and sometimes you can’t understand what people are saying. I learned to not be afraid and to speak up and ask for help if you need it. International students should welcome the challenge. You will make mistakes, but over time it will make you a stronger person.
If CBU students visited China, where should they go and why? They should visit SU Zhou and Hang Zhou. Both cities are the epitome of Chinese culture. They have a lot of beautiful buildings, rivers, and bridges. And the food is great. Food is very important to Chinese people. My favorite meal is Lion’s head. It had pork meatballs in it with stewed vegetables. It’s one of our most popular dishes.
What is the name of your favorite restaurant in Memphis? And why? Mulan is my favorite place to eat in Memphis. They have a wide variety of Chinese food on the menu, and it is very similar to the food back home.
Is there anything else the CBU campus community needs to know about you or your culture? I would encourage the CBU community to venture out more and learn about Chinese culture. Especially Chinese music. The music is very soothing and it helps you relax. Many people do not know this, but Chinese music has a lot of meaning. American music is different because it’s very open and people are not afraid to express themselves through music. Chinese music is the complete opposite. People are not as open to reveal their feelings in song.

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Posted by Cory Dugan at 8:45 AM