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Geotechnical Lab

St. Benilde Hall #111 

Lab Description:

This lab focuses primarily on the civil engineering field. With tools to make, break, cut, and test different concrete and soil mixtures, this lab allows a boundless study of the effects of different actions on components found in most structures today.


  • Ro-Top (Mechanical) Sieve Shaker

  • Double Wall Laboratory Oven

  • Automatic Soil Compactor

  • Electronic Balance

  • Proctor Compaction (3) 

  • Sand Cone Apparatus (3)
  • Atterberg Limit (4)
  • Permeameter (3)

  • Sieve (4)

  • Sample Extruder

  • Unconfined Compression Tester

  • Cone Penetrometer

  • CBR Tester (Triaxial Tester)
  • Direct Shear Tester with Data Acquisition System

  • Pneumatic Consolidation Apparatus with Data Acquisition System

  • Test Mark Concrete Tester with LX-5000 Digital System and 2 load cells at 20K capacity (for 3"X6" concrete cylinders) and 300K capacity (for 6"X12" concrete cylinders)