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Master of International Business

Masters of International Business Coursework


CMIB 600. Orientation Course-Global Business Environment
The course will provide an introduction to the fundamentals and essential components of international business and the environments in which it is conducted. It will examine theory and practice of elements that comprise the international environment in the global marketplace. This will involve the study of key issues facing international businesses and the possible solutions to those issues. Certain of those issues to be studied include, but are not limited to: ethics in international business cultures, national differences in the political economy, the strategy of international businesses (to include organizational and entry strategies). Two credits

CMIB 610. International Culture and Research
This course will examine how culture plays a significant role in and influences both domestic and international cultures. Intercultural competence is explored and examined for its role in facilitating international business. Special attention is given to defining and interpreting cross-cultural differences and influences. The needs, expectations and performance of people in business organizations, and in general, are addressed and studied to determine how multicultural skills and cultural awareness are applied across internal and global borders. Also, nationalistic goals and barriers employed by certain global partners are explored and examined for applicability. Case studies will be utilized in this course. Three credits

CMIB 620. Internationalization Process and Global Marketing
This course explores the role that political, legal, economic and cultural systems affect global marketing of goods and services. Skills necessary for effective decision-making and problem-solving domestically and internationally to make appropriate market entry or market enhancement decisions, are emphasized. Those skills and critical thinking are developed through the application of international marketing strategies and practices in various global scenarios to understand the management of international marketing activities including international product and brand management, marketing channels, marketing communications and strategic planning for global marketing. Three credits

CMIB 630. International Economics and Finance
This course provides a comprehensive overview of the international economic and financial systems impacting global business. Topics in international economics include: the foundation of modern trade theory, impact of tariff and non-tariff barriers, trading blocs and protectionism with emphasis on the EU problems as well as other similar alliances. International financial topics include, but are not limited to: foreign exchange systems, exchange rate determination, currency management, international banking and the international monetary system. Other topics include the study of international acquisitions, country risk analysis, and the use of long term financing. Each of these topics will be presented within the context of its applicability to certain countries and global alliances. Three credits

CMIB 640. Investment Readiness Module
This hybrid course provides students, collaborating in small groups, to work through the management of projects to advance a company internationally. The full-class and team specific meeting format will allow groups to receive directives and complete a series of tasks necessary for the business to complete before making a direct foreign investment from the host institution. 15 credits

CMIB 650. International Immersion Module
This international immersion experience acts as the capstone and final module of the MIB curricula. Students will be taught in an interactive classroom format over the course of 10 weekdays by the host institution, La Salle Campus Barcelona. Topics include evaluating Europe from a socioeconomic perspective, marketing, cross-cultural skills, negotiations, quality, ethics, governance, logistics, and digital media from a multi-national company perspective. The two week trip will also include multiple trips to Barcelona industry leaders. Five credits