CBU Students Earn Global First Place Ranking

Afshan Latif, James Stone, Jay Healy, Eric Charping and Dr. Douglas ScarboroMemphis –Christian Brothers University (CBU) students in the Cohort MBA program earned a Global First Place ranking in the Business Strategy Game (BSG) as part of their Strategic Management course. Charged with creating a long term direction for their company, C MorehouseROCKS!!, the students teamed up to complete the task of running a virtual athletic footwear company.

Student members Afshan Latif, James Stone, Jay Healy and Eric Charping under the professorial guidance of Dr. Douglas Scarboro competed in a head-to-head challenge against 3,479 global teams from 226 colleges/universities across the world. Using practical knowledge from the real world athletic shoe industry, the team had to market and sell branded and private-label athletic footwear in four geographic regions, Europe-Africa, North America, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

“Our strategy was to create an advantage within our operations business while raising or lowering our S/Q (Style / Quality) ratings to determine our shoe forecast for the upcoming year.  We wanted to manufacture shoes at the lowest possible cost while maximizing our profits,” stated Eric Charping. “By the end of the game, our team’s costs were lower than the other competing teams while our operating profit and net profit where significantly higher.”

C MorehouseROCKS!! ranked 1st in Overall Game-To-Date Score with 110.0 which tied for the best Overall Score performance of the week worldwide and their stock ranked 25th worldwide at $356.74  per share for the week of October 11- 17.  These accomplishments were the result of a joint effort by the team to make the appropriate choices regarding plant operations, distribution, marketing and finance among other aspects. The company had to remain competitive in these aspects to remain viable in the virtual global market.

“The students’ success on the Business Strategy Game is not only a representation of their understanding of the strategic concepts, but more importantly it is a demonstration that they can effectively put those concepts into practice,” noted Dr. Douglas Scarboro. “Good business leaders can plan, great business leaders can plan and execute.  The students’ success on the BSG demonstrates they have laid the groundwork to be great business leaders. “
The CBU Cohort MBA program is an integrated 35- hour curriculum consisting of 11 courses. The curriculum is designed so students focus on one subject area at a time, allowing for more
in-depth learning, concentration and application of each business discipline: strategic management, accounting, research methods, ethics, finance and economics.

For more information about the CBU Cohort MBA program, visit www.cbu.edu/mba or call (901) 321-3555. ###

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