CBU Students Team Up with City of Memphis

Memphis – Christian Brothers University (CBU) has partnered with the City of Memphis to further alleviate the flooding conditions surrounding the Midtown area. The City previously requested use of CBU’s soccer field as a stormwater drainage basin and installed a flood control system under the field, which was completed in 2010.

With the current three-year project, CBU students will monitor the stormwater drainage system in the detention basin that was installed on the soccer field. “This critical civic project gives CBU students an opportunity to supplement classroom learning with observation and experience in the field,” notes Dr. L. Yu Lin, civil and environmental engineering professor, is facilitating this project and will be directly supervising the students and their work.

As part of the project, students in the Civil Engineering department will participate in setting up a real-time monitoring system and will study water quantity in the runoff. Data collected from this study will assist the City with future drainage system improvement in the Lenox Drainage District.

“This project is a win/win,” stated Jack Stevenson, Administrator, Land Development/Budget with the City of Memphis. “By partnering with CBU, the City provides an opportunity for these engineering students to work on a ‘real world’ project that directly impacts their community and in return we are able to use the knowledge gained from the project to further alleviate flooding in the Lenox Drainage District.”

The specific objectives of this project include developing and implementing a stormwater monitor system for the detention basins located on CBU’s soccer field; monitoring stormwater water quantity for 20 selected storms per year; determining stormwater quality for those storms; and analyzing data and providing information to the City for future improvements. The project will be incorporated into coursework for the CBU Civil Engineering department.

For more information on CBU’s Civil and Environmental Engineering programs, contact Dr. L. Yu Lin at llin@cbu.edu or (901) 321-3403.

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