CBU Hosts High School Engineering Competition

The Christian Brothers University (CBU) School of Engineering sponsored its 10th annual High School Engineering Competition on April 19. This year four different competitions were held, including the Egg Drop Competition, CO2 Car Competition, Balsa Crate Competition, and the Crystal Radio Competition.  The winners of each competition received $150, $100, and $50 respectively for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Egg Drop Competition WinnersThe Egg Drop Competition challenges students to design and create a “green” package (container and cushion packing) to contain and protect raw chicken eggs from breaking when dropped from a height of 16 feet and more. The winners, pictured above with Dr. Asit Ray (Chemical Engineering, Packaging Lab Coordinator), were (l-r) Hormah Qureshi(homeschooled, 10th grade) and Deena Hamadeh (homeschooled, 10th grade), First Place;Mary Womble (Magnolia Heights School, 12th grade), Second Place; and Amber Clayton(DeSoto Central HS, 11th grade); Third Place.

CO2 Car Competition WinnersThe CO2 Car Competition challenges students to design a vehicle powered by baking soda and vinegar (which produce carbon dioxide gas). The vehicles must transport a raw egg intact over a hard surface, and the winner is the one that travels the farthest. Winners in this competition were (l-r) Christopher Sevigney (Horn Lake HS, 11th grade), First Place;Ryan Zheng and Michael Harper (Houston HS, 11th grade), Second Place; and William Stephenson (DeSoto Central HS, 12th grade), Third Place.

Balsa Crate Competition WinnersStudents participating in the Balsa Crate Competition are required to design and build crates from balsa wood and Elmer’s glue, which are then tested for strength and load bearing capacity. The winners in this category, pictured with Dr. Pong Malasri (Civil Engineering, Packaging) were (l-r) Trey McGinnis (St. Benedict HS, 12th grade), First PlaceChristopher Sevigney (Horn Lake HS, 11th grade), Second Place; and Madeline Ross (Magnolia Heights School), Third Place.

Crystal Band Radio Competition Winners

Contestants in the Crystal Band Radio Competition must design, construct and assemble a “crystal radio” receiver using a diode, piezoelectric (ceramic) earphone, cardboard, toilet paper tubes, aluminum foil, glue, tape, metal thumbtacks, wire, Coke can and paper. Winners in this competition were (l-r) Sarah Fay (Collierville HS, 9th grade), First Place;Edwin Moore and Matthew Moore (Magnolia Heights School, 12th grade), Second Place; and Christian Sidebottom (Collierville HS, 9th grade), Third Place.

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