CBU Announces $10,000 Shot Contest

Want a chance to win $10,000???

During each home basketball game of the season, there will be a basketball contest at half-time for both the women’s and men’s game from the list of students who have registered for the $10,000 SHOT contest. Possible half-time contests will include Half-court Shot, Knock Out Contest, Free Throws in 30 or 60 seconds (match up), Shot Sequence, and other fun games that we will think of! The prize for each contest will be one $50 gift Card to the CBU Bookstore.  This contest is sponsored by Follet.

So, how do you win the $10,000? 

Attend at least four (4) men’s and four (4) women’s home games prior to Homecoming. (There are a total of nine men’s games and nine women’s games, totaling 18 games. Students who attend more than the required eight games will be given an extra entry for each game over the minimum attendance requirement.) Check in for each game with a “SHOT” representative to have your name checked off. This data will be collected using the IPad app “Zkipster” for events. By checking in, you’re entered into a drawing for the “SHOT.”  The “SHOT” is a 4-shot sequence (consisting of a  layup/bank shot, free throw, 3-pointer, and a half-court shot) made in succession within 23 seconds.

The date of the “SHOT” is February 1.  A random drawing will take place of the students that met the requirements above. One student’s name will be selected from the random drawing. If the selected student can successfully complete the “SHOT” Sequence, he or she will be awarded a cash prize of $10,000!

All students are eligible – full-time, part-time, undergraduate, graduate, APS. Entries will be accepted through the January 30 games against Alabama-Huntsville. The “SHOT” is sponsored by Aramark.


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