Consumer Behavior

The Business in Behavioral Sciences

Interested in a major in psychology but not sure what you want to do yet? Love the idea of working in the world of business but can’t figure out how the behavioral sciences could fit in? Look no further than consumer behavior!

What is consumer behavior?

  • Consumer behavior deals with the “study of how people relate to the products and services that they purchase or use.”

What will you do in consumer behavior? You will…

  • “provide information to companies and consumers on what the public needs or wants”
  • “help an organization (either profit or nonprofit) effectively develop and market products, services, or ideas”
  •  “guide the work of government agencies that are responsible for product safety, identity of brand names, evaluation of advertising claims, and assessment of ethical marketing practices”
  • and so much more, in a variety of settings!

What types of companies will you work in with a degree in consumer behavior?

  • You could work anywhere! If Starbucks needs help designing a new logo, if Cheerios wants to know what type of actor in a commercial will best attract their target audience, if the Food and Drug Administration needs help deciding if a label is people friendly, a degree in consumer behavior will get you there!

So what do you need to do now to major in consumer behavior?

  • First, talk to your advisor and the Registrar’s office to declare in the “Applied Psychology Major: Consumer Behavior.” This degree from Christian Brothers University will provide you with a successful, well-rounded background in psychology, marketing, economics, and the arts.
  • After declaring, schedule an in-depth conversation with your advisor about where you want to be in your career in consumer behavior in the next few years. There are many tracks that you can take, including entering the field with just a bachelor’s or continuing on to receive a master’s or doctoral degree. The choice is yours!

Want more information? Email Department Chair Dr. Rodney Vogl or visit the current CBU catalog and look at this major’s course requirements on page 39!