Mid-South Regional Greenprint

166725_480646248651177_1725970623_nDr. Ben Jordan (History and Political Science), Dr. Paul Haught (Dean), and the SOA’s administrative assistant Sean MacInnes, who all sit on CBU’s Sustainability Committee, are participating members of The Mid‐South Regional Greenprint Consortium.

The Consortium, established from a $2.6 million HUD Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant, is formed by citizen, business and governmental leaders in the tri-state area, who are working to establish a unified vision for a region‐wide network of greenspace areas with the goal of enhancing regional sustainability by addressing recreation, housing and land use, resource conservation, environmental protection, accessibility, community health and wellness, transportation alternatives, economic development, and neighborhood engagement.

“What I find especially exciting about the Mid-South Greenprint project,” Haught explains, “is the opportunity it has provided us to take part in a massive civic initiative to provide a visual representation of the region’s efforts and needs with respect to sustainability. If Memphis and the Mid-South are to flourish deep into the Twenty-first Century, this project will no doubt play a role. Down the road, I also foresee a number of possibilities for our students and faculty to contribute their own research to the project, a major factor in my own decision to become involved.”

Visit the Mid-South Greenprint website for details and ways you can participate – like taking the online survey! The city needs and welcomes your input.