Featured Faculty Member: Frank Marion, Professor Emeritus

Dr. Frank M. Marion was officially promoted to the rank of professor
emeritus and retired at the end of the spring 2012 semester after many years of dedicated service to the School of Business.

In his earlier years, Frank Marion served in the Korean War from 1950 – 1953 and was subsequently promoted from Private to Sergeant
First Class. As he relayed, “In January 1951, I was selected to attend The Engineer Officer Candidate School, Class 1, and the first class since WW2. I served in the combat zone in Korea for 14 months, during which time I was promoted to 1st Lieutenant. After 3 ½ years I was discharged to return to college on the GI Bill and obtain my degree in Chemical Engineering.” It wasn’t until after he completed an undergraduate in engineering and went to work for the Trane Company that Frank discovered his love for business.

Frank went on to work as a sales engineer with The Trane Company in Wisconsin before moving into management positions with the Worthington Corporation and then A.C. Manufacturing. In later years, he successfully completed both MBA and DBA degrees. Throughout his academic studies he concentrated in strategic marketing, transportation studies, sales, systems management, and marketing and project management. Frank excelled in marketing, sales, and management throughout his studies and in each of his jobs and they became his lifelong passions to both practice and teach.

Throughout his career Frank was asked to lead business training courses and seminars and it was through this medium that he discovered his love for teaching while it was his wife Deanna’s love for Memphis that led Frank to Christian Brothers University. Frank transitioned from the corporate world to Loyola University, and then to teaching at Christian
Brothers University in August of 1989.

Frank was granted tenure in March of 1993 and promoted to full professor status in 1996. Also in 1996, Frank Marion was nominated for the Community Service Recognition Program. He was known to volunteer for the soup kitchen at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, as a mathematics tutor at Alonzo Locke Elementary School, as co-director of the United Way campaign at CBU, and more. At the time Marion said, “For almost thirty years, I have seen men and women help bring about great changes in other’s lives through volunteer contributions on a very basic level. While it is important for higher levels of planning and administration to bring to bear government and institutional assistance to those in desperate circumstances, much can be accomplished by individuals working
directly, hand to hand, voluntarily with those who may have lost their way, or never really had a chance, or perhaps suffered terribly under an economy that was not market driven.”

Frank took a sabbatical in 2007 and used his time to develop a model that applies project management knowledge to internal projects at Christian Brothers University and to establish a research stream in the field of project management. Marion then went on to serve as Vice President of Professional Development and Certification for the Board of Directors for the Memphis Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI) from
2008 – 2009.

Frank Marion has officially retired with professor emeritus status as July 31, 2012. He plans to enjoy retirement with his lovely wife Deanna, his daughters Katie, Maggie, and Annie, and their grandchildren and friends. Frank also plans to continue his volunteer efforts with tutoring and spend a little time fishing. The school would like to extend many thanks to Frank for his dedicated service over the years and for his collegiality and friendship.