Featured alum Adam Heitzman (Business Administration ’04).

CB: Congratulations on all of the recent success, Adam! Tell us a little bit about how you ended up as a managing partner at HigherVisibility.

AH: Over the course of seven years both here in Memphis and in San Diego, CA, I worked at several Internet companies. Upon moving back to Memphis in 2008 from San Diego, I noticed the lack of true Internet marketing companies in the Mid-South. This led me to start HigherVisibility. My goal was to help companies better utilize the Internet to achieve quantifiable results.

CB: Looking back, what was your life like when you graduated from CBU? How did you get your start in the business world?

AH: I graduated CBU with a degree in Business Management. The reason I went that route is because I wanted to have the flexibility with my degree to use it in a variety of different areas, none of which I thought would be online. I remember graduating and moving back home and after about a week, my Dad told me that I need to find a job ASAP. So much for a break! Like most, I put my resume online and about two weeks later got a call from a company called NCS Reporting, an Internet marketing company in the financial industry. Little did I know that this would be the company that would help get me started in the online business.

CB: What were your plans and goals for life after college? Did your idea of “the real world” mesh with what actually happened after graduation? Is there anything you would have done differently?

AH: I knew I needed to get a job, but upon graduating, I didn’t really know in what capacity. I was very lucky in the fact that my first real job outside of college (At NCS Reporting) taught me a great deal of knowledge of which I still use today. I never graduated knowing I wanted to work in the online business, I kind of just fell into it. There is nothing I would do differently; I am a firm believer in what is meant to happen will happen.

CB: What is an average work day like for you? What can you tell us about the HigherVisibility team?

AH: I have been on both sides of the fence, both as an employee and now as a business owner, and I find it funny how much your outlook changes. When I was an employee, I always wanted to do my best and prove my worth but I couldn’t help but watch the clock. And when the day was up, I could leave work at work. Now as a business owner, I don’t even notice the time. You have your hand in so many buckets from answering emails, making sales calls, talking to clients, all the way down to paying bills. It’s definitely a constant challenge but it’s an exciting one!

As far as the HigherVisibility team is concerned, I have two other business partners who helped grow the business to where it is today. We had all worked together in a previous capacity. The rest of the gang has steadily grown over the past two years to a total of 13 employees. All of us love what we do, the industry we work in, and the clients we work for.

CB: You and the HigherVisibility team have been very successful in the last few years, earning top SEO, website management, integrated search company, and more. What would you like to achieve next, professionally? How about personally? The rumor has it that you will be getting married soon – congratulations!

AH: Professionally, we would like to continue to grow but at the same time stay true to our roots of providing tangible results with great service.

Personally, yes I will be getting married in April. I am very lucky to have found not only a partner but a best friend as well.

CB: I understand you were quite the talented basketball player, starting off your career at CBU with Gulf South Conference West Division men’s basketball coaches honoring you with the Freshman of the Year award. Any fond memories or funny stories you would like to share with us about your basketball days?

AH: I have so many fond memories while at CBU and with basketball specifically. One that always sticks out in my mind was my senior year at CBU when we had an upcoming game at Troy State. We were undefeated at the time and going to play a Division 1 team that had made the NCAA tournament the previous season. So, needless to say, it was a big game. The game was scheduled for 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, so Coach had the team meet at the gym Friday evening to go over the walk-through. After that we were going to hop on the bus and drive down to Troy, Alabama so we could be rested before the game. Well, if you know much about the travel arrangements back then, you would know the bus we traveled on always had something wrong with it or it broke down. This time was no different. The bus wasn’t running, so they had some guys working on it. Unfortunately, three hours later they were still working on it. So Coach told us to go home get some rest, and we were just going to leave the next morning. Two a.m. rolls around, and apparently Coach couldn’t sleep, so he called the top seven guys and said we were leaving right then. We hopped in the small church bus with our two other coaches and made our trip to Troy. We probably made it there by 7:00 a.m., so we stopped at a hotel, got two hours of sleep, and went to the game. We pulled into the parking lot and the attendant asked who we were. We told him, and he pretty much laughed at us for only having seven guys and being cramped in a small bus. Three hours later, he wasn’t laughing any more. We had beaten a very good Division 1 team with pretty much no sleep. Needless to say, the ride home was a blast.

CB: What is your favorite CBU memory?

AH: There are really too many to name, but the above mentioned is one of them.

CB: What personal achievement are you most proud of and why?

AH: One of the biggest personal achievements for me has been being involved in starting a successful business from the ground up. There has been a lot of work to get it to this point and having the confidence in my abilities that I could do this has been the most rewarding aspect.

CB: Looking back at all that you’ve learned and experienced, what advice would you give to a student on the verge of graduating and moving into the job market?

AH: In the current economy where the job market is tight, employers have a larger pool of persons applying for the positions that exist. This means the new college graduate is competing with seasoned veterans for job openings. Ask yourself how can you break through the clutter of applicants and make a positive lasting first impression. Do research on the company, know its products, and ask informed questions.