How Companies Must Adapt For An Aging Workforce

From Harvard Business Review (Blogs) (12/3/2012)

Companies Must Adapt to a Changing WorkplaceThe world’s population is growing older, taking us into uncharted demographic waters. By 2050, over one-fifth of the US population will be 65 or older, up from the current figure of one-seventh. The number of centenarians worldwide will double by 2023 and double again by 2035. Projections suggest life expectancy will surpass 100 in some industrialized countries by the second half of this century — roughly triple the lifespan that prevailed worldwide throughout most of human history. Anti-aging technologies — from memory-enhancing drugs to high-tech joint replacements — have combined with healthy lifestyles not merely to increase longevity but to make old age healthier for many people.

Although the jury is still out, there is evidence that disability at the end of life is being compressed into a shorter period, which suggests that longer workspans will accompany longer lifespans. In the near future, employees in significantly growing numbers will likely be able to work productively into their eighth or even ninth decade.  Read the full article from