Job Dissatisfaction And How To Deal With It

icon_questionsFrom Early Careerist (12/15/2012)

While job-dissatisfaction is not at all uncommon, the recent lack of jobs has left many people feeling guilty the moment they feel a little dissatisfied.  Being glad to simply have a job is the way we are supposed to feel at the moment and thoughts of moving on, or up, can seem like a luxury.  Being stuck in a career or job that is not for you, or seems to be going nowhere fast is, however, an unpleasant situation.
Regardless of whether the jobs market is buoyant or lack luster, you shouldn’t ignore the feeling; nor should you simply hand in your notice and run for the hills.  Career planning should involve a heavy element of just that; luck is well known for being a combination of preparation and opportunity and planning your career leaves you well prepared to take advantage of an opportunity when one does come along.    Read the full article from…