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resume_reading7 Ways To Tailor Your Resume For A Leadership Position
From Careerealism

Are you a prime candidate for a mid- to senior-level leadership role?  Before you apply, make sure you leverage these seven strategies to tailor your resume for maximum impact.

1. Revamp Your Resume’s Keywords: As you (hopefully) know, the computer databases, or Applicant Tracking Systems, that store and analyze incoming resumes for job board, employer, and recruiter sites, count the number of times certain words are used in your resume. These keywords are industry-specific and are unique to each role in each company. Your resume ranks higher if you include more of these words in the document. Read More…

icon_badinterviewStuck In A Career Rut?  Four Ways To Break Out
From Forbes

In a previous post for this column, I shared career lessons from famous comedians, including this gem from the late, great Joan Rivers:  If I can’t make it through one door, I’ll go through another door – or I’ll make a door. Something terrific will come no matter how dark the present. – Joan Rivers

It’s critical to embrace this notion of multiple doors – i.e., multiple options – because at various stages of your career, you will get stuck. You feel like you have topped out at your job. You hear No from a dream employer or to your request of your existing employer. You hear Yes and try something new, it doesn’t go as well as expected, and you need to bounce back. Here are  four  “doors” to try for breaking out of a career rut:  Read more…

bulbRefresh Your Career
From The Huffington Post

Have you felt stuck in the summer doldrums? Has the holding pattern of the slower days of July and August made you re-think the shape and speed of your career? As work ramps up in Sept. and Oct., what can you do to latch on to the momentum? How can you breathe new life into your career and revive your excitement?

The French call it “la rentrée” — when the summer holidays are over and it’s to return to your regular life, refreshed and reinvigorated. It’s also a good time to refresh and reinvigorate your career.  These five strategic steps will help you rev up your career in the coming months:  Read More…