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Three Things That Will Get Your Resume Thrown In The Trash

icon_interview1From (1/20/2013) 

You know all about getting your resume noticed. (Clean layout! Accomplishments, not duties!) But do you know what’s on the flipside? What you might be doing that could cause recruiters to overlook your resume—or worse, toss it in the trash? Gasp! The trash? I know what you’re thinking, but the truth is, recruiters have dozens, even hundreds, of resumes to comb through every day.

So, in an effort to cull them down to a reasonable amount, they’ll simply toss any that don’t meet what they’re looking for. To learn more, I sat down with a few recruiters and asked them about the resumes that make the cut and those that get tossed. Here are three of their deal-breakers.  Read the full article from…

Employers Increasingly Rely on Internal Referrals In Hiring

talkingFrom (1/28/2013)

Riju Parakh wasn’t even looking for a new job.  But when a friend at Ernst & Young recommended her, Ms. Parakh’s résumé was quickly separated from the thousands the firm receives every week because she was referred by a current employee, and within three weeks she was hired. “You know how long this usually takes,” she said. “It was miraculous.”

While whom you know has always counted in hiring, Ms. Parakh’s experience underscores a fundamental shift in the job market. Big companies like Ernst & Young are increasingly using their own workers to find new hires, saving time and money but lengthening the odds for job seekers without connections, especially among the long-term unemployed.   Read the full article from…

Four Reasons Why You Didn’t Get The Job…And What To Do About It

icon_badinterviewFrom Early Careerist (1/23/2013)

You kicked BUTT at the interview (or so you thought!) and were CERTAIN you’d get the job…but surprisingly, you DIDN’T!? So what happened?? It’s easy to feel bad or get upset, or take it personally…but DON’T!  Various reasons at hand could have been the deciding factors, and they might not have even been in your control.

Hiring Managers and Recruiters/HR Professionals are usually under a lot of pressure to consider MANY candidates within a rather small time period, ensuring that the chosen candidate is the person who is unquestionably THE best FIT for the job, who brings the most potential for results, and whom is the company’s best value in their investment (i.e. the Hiree will stick around for a while and not ‘jump ship’). And this FIT can be one of several “dimensions”.  Specifically, it is usually one of these FOUR:  Read the full article from…

Featured Positions (January 28th)

An internship opportunity is available once again from TnAchieves, a scholarship and mentoring program that works with students, parents, mentors, high school guidance counselors, and various community college representatives across Tennessee.  All academic majors are eligible to apply!

For full details and application procedures, view the full description here.

Autozone is seeking students graduating between May 2013 and May 2015 to fill several Summer 2013 Internships in a variety of disciplines.  If you are interested in any of these positions, log-in to your Nace-Link account, and reference position #2382 for more details.  (Deadline to apply for all positions is February 22nd.)

AutoZone offers paid summer internships in various departments throughout our organization. These internships are located at our Store Support Center (SSC) – Corporate Office – in downtown Memphis, TN. We are currently seeking students majoring in the following areas of study:

Accounting/Finance (Finance Internships)
Retail/Merchandising/Marketing (Merchandising Internship)
Retail/Business (Store Operations Internships)
Store Planning & Construction (Store Development Internship)
Supply Chain & Logistics (Supply Chain Internships)
Information Systems or IT Management (Information Technology Internships)
Justice and Law (Legal Internship)
Criminal Justice (Loss Prevention Internships)
Marketing or Management (E-Commerce Internship),
HR (Human Resources)

FedEx Services has posted several Summer 2013 internships for December 2013 and May 2014 graduates across a variety of majors.  Be sure to log in to your Nace-Link account to view the full description and qualifications for each position.  Each position also contains the external link on the FedEx website to apply for each position.  The posting deadline date for each of these positions is February 15th, but applying sooner is better!  Start date for each position is June 3rd.

  • #2349 – Intern, Customer Value Team (Communications, Marketing, Business, International Business, Management, English, MBA)
  • #2348 – Intern, Sales Analyst (Communications, Business, Accounting, Management, Marketing, Finance, International Business, MIS/ITM, MBA)
  • #2347 – Intern, Sales (Communications, International Business, Marketing, Business, Management, MBA)
  • #2346 - Intern, Global Marketing & Consumer Experience (MBA Candidates Only)
  • #2345 – Intern, IT Business Analyst (MIS/ITM, MBA)
  • #2344 - Intern, Technical Analyst (Computer Science, MIS/ITM, Electrical/Computer Engineering)
  • #2343 – Intern, Programmer Analyst (Computer Science, MIS/ITM, Electrical/Computer Engineering)

There are a number of new positions (referred to us by one of our alums) currently available from Zimmer, Inc., a joint-replacement technology company.  You can view full details for each of these positions here.

Recent Job Opportunities (For The Week of January 28th)

jobsAll job opportunities listed with our office appear in our Nace-Link Recruitment System, powered by Symplicity.  Students and alumni should sign in to their account to access these positions, which are posted by employers as they become available.  Full details on each job (description, majors, experience, requirements, etc.) are included.  (Don’t have a Nace-Link account yet?  It’s free for all CBU students and alumni!  Register today!)

There are currently 191 active positions posted in the “CBU Jobs” section; there are also thousands of additional positions listed locally, regionally and nationally in the “Nace-Link Network” section.  Jobs that have been posted recently include those from the following companies…

  • #2441 – Commercial Account Manager:  EdR (Education Realty Trust) (Business Degree, One Year Commercial Property Experience)
  • #2440 – Real Estate Acquisitions/Development Market Analyst:  EdR (Education Realty Trust) (Business Degree, One Year Related Experience)
  • #2439 – Property Accountant: EdR (Education Realty Trust) (Accounting Degree, 3-5 years relevant experience, CPA preferred)
  • #2438 – Director Of Ancillary Services & Analysis:  EdR (Education Realty Trust) (Business/Accounting Degree, Three Years related work experience, project management)
  • #2437 – Broadcast Technician/Broadcast Engineering Assistant:  Clear Channel Radio Memphis (Electrical/Computer Engineering Degree – 5+ years experience)
  • #2434 – Art Teachers/Teach Memphis:  Memphis City Schools (Bachelors Degree, Experience in area of specialty)
  • #2433 – Foreign Language Teachers/Teach Memphis:  Memphis City Schools (Bachelors Degree, Experience in area of specialty)
  • #2432 – Inside Sales: Valve Teck (Bachelors degree in Business or related area)
  • #2431 – Client Service/Planning Assistant:  Cole, Simonetti & Terry (All Majors – Previous Administrative Experience A Plus)
  • #2430 – Office Support Specialist:  Lab Four Technology Learning Place (All Majors)
  • #2429 – Career Specialist:  Lab Four Technology Learning Place (All Majors)
  • #2428 – Accountant:  MidSouth Utility Consultants (Bachelors Degree in Accounting, Some Experience Required)
  • #2427 – UX Designer/Developer:  Symplicity Corporation (Four Years Industry Experience – Position in Arlington, VA)
  • #2426 – Electrical & Instrument Planner:  Lucite International (Electrical Engineering Degree)
  • #2425 – Cookie Office Assistant: Girl Scouts Heart of the MidSouth (Bachelors Degree Preferred – Position runs February 11 thru April 12)
  • #2424 – Chemical Engineer Intern Summer 2013:  Invista (Sophomore/Junior Chemical Engineering Major – Position In Chattanooga, TN)
  • #2423 – Mechanical Engineering Intern Summer 2013:  Invista (Sophomore/Junior Mechanical Engineering Major – Position in Chattanooga, TN)
  • #2422 – Registered Dietician: Delta Medical Weight Management (Two years related work experience)
  • #2419 – Part-Time Sales & Support Associates:  Madewell (J. Crew) In Saddle Creek (New Store) (All Majors)
  • #2417 – RISE Sales & Leadership Program:  J.B. Hunt Transportation (Graduating Seniors In All Majors – Starting salary $45K)
  • #2416 – Staff Accountant:  Grisham Wildman & Work (December 2012 or Recent Graduate In Accounting)
  • #2415 – Electrical Engineering Intern:  Invista (Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, in Electrical Engineering – Position located in Chattanooga, TN)

Aspire Teacher Residency Program

aspireAspire Teacher Residency Program will be conducting an information session next Tuesday, January 29th from 1:00 to 2:00 pm in Buckman Hall Room 103.  Representatives from Aspire will be in attendance to give you an overview of their organization, and give further details of their teacher recruitment program.  A brief description is below.

Walk-ins welcome, but if possible, please RSVP by Monday, January 28th through your Nace-Link account (sign in, click the “events” tab, then click the Aspire workshop link…the RSVP tab is at the bottom of the page.)

Train and Teach With Aspire Public Schools!  Aspire Public Schools, California’s top-performing large, high-poverty school system, changes the odds for low-income students.  Currently, Aspire educates 12,500 students in 34 schools in 6 cities across California and makes a promise to every single Aspire student:  College for Certain.  In 2010-2012, 100% of Aspire’s seniors graduated with admission to a four-year college or university.  Aspire recently announced that the organization will open schools in Memphis, Tennessee in the 2013/14 school year in order to contribute to the focused effort to improve the city’s lowest performing schools.

In collaboration with the University of the Pacific, the Aspire Teacher Residency (ATR) is an intensive teacher training program that recruits and trains talented individuals of all ages and backgrounds to become highly-effective teachers.

ATR is currently recruiting for two programs:

Memphis program – Aspire is looking to further its mission by contributing to the focused effort to improve the lowest performing schools in Memphis, Tennessee and is preparing to open new schools in Memphis.  We are looking for Residents who are interested in spending one year training in our California schools and then pursuing a teaching position in Memphis.  With residency placements available in East Palo Alto, Oakland, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Stockton and Modesto, those who join the ATR-Memphis program will spend the 2013/14 school year with us in California and then teach and open a new school in Memphis in the 2014/15 school year.  In addition to training on best teaching practices and Aspire’s model, Memphis residents will engage in a series of learning experiences and visits to Memphis so that they are prepared for the work they will do in Memphis.

California program – Aspire is looking for residents who are interested in training and teaching in one of our CA schools.  With placements available in East Palo Alto, Oakland, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Stockton and Modesto, those who join the program will spend one year training and then at least 3 years teaching in our CA schools.  Credentials available include: Multiple Subject; Single Subject – English, Math, Science, Social Studies; and Special Education – Mild/Moderate.

The programs offer:
*A Master of Arts in Education and Teaching Credential (Multiple Subject; Single Subject – English, Math, Science, or Social Studies; or Special Education – Mild/Moderate) from the University of the Pacific at a deeply discounted tuition rate
*A $13,500 stipend, plus medical benefits, for the first year
*The opportunity to work in a classroom with a highly-effective Mentor Teacher four days/week for an entire school year
*Priority hiring for a teaching position at an Aspire school and tuition-reimbursement benefits for Residents who successfully complete the first year
*ATR – Memphis Program: Up to $2,000 reimbursement for travel expenses to Memphis to ensure Residents become and/or remain connected to the community where they will teach

The next round of applications for the 2013/14 program are due March 1, 2013.  You can find the application here.

10 Questions To Ask A Recruiter (And One To Avoid)

icon_questionsFrom (1/6/2013)  (By Marc Cenedella)

Every once in awhile, the phone rings, and it’s a recruiter on the other end. While you might not be interested in what he is offering, you have to admit that it’s flattering to get the call. (“Someone thinks I might be right for a job!”) Once you get past the initial compliment, though, you have to get down to the serious business of determining if you are interested.

The recruiter wants to know about you, but before you turn over your resume, there are things you should know about him. Here are 10 questions to ask a recruiter and one question to avoid.  See if you can figure out which is which.  Read the full article from…

How To Survive A Merger

questionmark3From (1/13/2013) (Wall Street Journal)

When Pittsburgh-based Alcoa, a manufacturer of aluminum, and BHP Billiton, a mining company in Melbourne, Australia, decided to merge their money-losing distribution units, Jack Smith was contracted to help with the human-resources transition. His job involved deciding who would stay on to work at the new company or be offered a severance package. “In many merger situations, the decision on who to keep can be pretty clear,” says Mr. Smith, who is now president of Sanford Rose Associates, an executive search firm in Milwaukee. “But there was one employee who wasn’t the obvious choice to take over as an executive VP. Two other people had better credentials for the job. This guy worked very hard at anticipating the organization that would be needed to pull off this transition. He made a case for the people that he knew and about the roles they might serve. He was smart, did his homework, so we gave him the job.”

Few events are as stressful for employees as news of a merger or acquisition. Regardless of how brightly the “marriage” of two companies is presented, jobs will be lost. But mergers can also open new opportunities for employees who may end up succeeding their laid-off boss. Survival just takes some careful planning. Hopefully, you’ve picked up on some reliable early scuttlebutt about a possible merger. If so, formulate a survival strategy and act quickly.   Read the full article from…

Facilitate Your Way Up!

icon_compassFrom Early Careerist (1/13/2013)

I hate to say it, but the attention span of hiring managers seems to be getting shorter. In fact, I was speaking with an executive-level employer the other day (who regularly reviews resumes), and he commented about how quickly he can scan through a stack of resumes and choose the candidates he plans to call. He admitted that it really is an unfair process—that so many job seekers are judged solely by the quality and presentation of their resumes (documents that too often are afforded a review of only a few seconds).  And if it’s a poor presentation, or boring to the reader, or just doesn’t communicate the right message—they are quickly passed over.

It’s a given that the average employer will invest only a few seconds—literally—in his or her initial resume scan. So it’s critically important to your candidacy to ensure that the part of your resume in which he or she is willing to invest five seconds of attention grabs—and keeps—their attention. So where is the employer’s attention going first … and how can you make the most of that section of your resume?  Read the full article from…