Alumni News

Raquel Edwards (ChE’12) married Joshua Stevens on June 2.

Boris de Souza (EE’09) earned a Master’s degree in Computer Science specializing in Human Computer Interaction from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Boris is currently the lead designer & frontend engineer at a Y Combinator backed startup called

Navin Prabhu (EE’08) (pictured right) earned a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering focusing in Digital Signal Processing from the University of California Los Angeles. Currently, Navin is a Senior Engineer in Electronic Design in the Advanced Read Write Technology Department at Western Digital. He is responsible for the design, validation, and testing of error correcting codes such as LDPC (Lower Density Parity Check ) and RS (Reed Solomon codes). In simpler terms, when digital data is written onto a media (in addition to the user data), additional “error correcting” data is added which assists in the read back process if the user data cannot be fully recovered. His department is in charge of maximizing this effort and also researching to see if better techniques/codes/signal processing methods can be implemented to achieve maximum capacity on the drive without compromising data integrity.

Buccaneer golfer Taylor Stinson (CE’12) was named the Bucs’ first Academic All-Gulf South Conference golfer since 2009, and 38 more CBU student-athletes joined him on the GSC Spring Academic Honor Roll. CBU’s total of 39 athletes on the Spring Academic Honor Roll ranks second in the GSC, and the Bucs’ full-year tally of 93 is the most in the GSC.