EPA P3 Grant Appreciation Awards

On December 4, Dr. L. Yu Lin (CE Faculty) presented appreciation plaques to the sponsors of the EPA-P3 Grant, Mr. Jim Strickland (Memphis City Council, District 5) and Mr. Tom Chamberlain (MLGW), for their professional support throughout the project.

Picture above: Martin Tribo (ECE), Ivan Tamayo (CE), Jim Strickland, Louie Lin, Tom Chamberlain, and Dederick Blair (CE)

The EPA P-3 project is a National Sustainable Design Expo in which CBU engneering students developed technologies to improve energy efficiency in the building envelope of residences in Memphis, TN.  The project focused on thermal properties of materials, fire safety, material stability, and cost. The proposal for the grant was developed by Dr. Paul Indeglia, the Executive Director for ASSIST (Agency for Sustainable Systems in Science and Technology). The competition was held in Washington DC, April 21-23. The CBU team won Honorable Mention at the competition. All of the 2012 P3 Award winners can be found here.