Healthcare Packaging Consortium Work Published

A piece of the CBU Healthcare Packaging Consortium Pallet Study entitled “Effect of Water Content on Compressive Strength and Impact Properties of New Softwood Pallets” appears in Vol. 1, No. 1 of the International Journal of Advanced Packaging Technology, which is a new open-access peer-reviewed journal.  The article was authored by Dr. Pong Malasri (Packaging Department), Dr. James Aflaki (Mechanical Engineering Department), Dr. Ali Pourhashemi (Chemical/Biochemical Engineering), Bob Moats (SoE Lab Technician), Mallory Harvey (BSCE & Packaging Minor); Phyo Thoon Aung (BSCE & Packaging Minor), Katie Godwin (BSCE’12), Wei Siow (BSChE and Packaging Minor), Rhett Jordan (BSChE and Packaging Minor), James Laney (BSCE & Packaging Minor), Nathan Sampson (BSEM Packaging Concentration), Luis Garcia (BSEM Packaging Concentration), and Ryne Stevens (BSEM Packaging Concentration). The pallet study is sponsored by FedEx with specimens provided by The Pallet Factory, Inc. The article can be downloaded at the journal website at: