2013 Engineering Summer Program

summer_eng05The four-day Engineering Summer Program drew 27 high schoolers from across the Mid-South area to CBU, June 4-7. Day #1 was an introduction to civil engineering, including outdoor surveying as part of the afternoon session titled “Introduction to Geomatics: GIS/GPS.” Day #2 focused on chemical engineering in the morning session with a workshop in the afternoon titled “Intro to Flight Dynamics.” The participants teamed up in groups to design a paper airplane then competed in the hall to see whose plane could fly the furthest. Day #3 focused on electrical & computer engineering. Dr. Eric Welch (Dean of Engineering) gave a workshop in the afternoon on “Cryptography.” The participants were given an exercise where they had to use a specific key to encrypt a message. Day #4 focused on mechanical engineering. During the morning session, the participants got to use Creo (3-D modeling software) to experiment with designing a cannon. In the afternoon session, they went to the engineering labs to fabricate a small cannon using the lathe and milling machine. They test fired their cannons outside using a firecracker.

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