CBU Packaging Offered Workshops in Thailand

Dr. Pong Malasri (Packaging) gave two packaging workshops while he was on vacation in Thailand earlier this summer.

  • The first workshop was a one-day workshop entitled “Competitive Packaging for the U.S. Market: Distribution Packaging and Food Packaging Development” sponsored by the Department of American and South Pacific Affairs, Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Thai-U.S. Creative Partnership.  Dr. Malasri gave a presentation on distribution hazards and the importance of pre-shipment test during the first half of the workshop.  Drs. Ngamtip Poovarodom and Tunyarut Jingarn of Kasetsart University covered food packaging in the second half. The workshop was held at Dusit Thani Hotel, Bangkok, with almost 300 attendees from food producers, exporters, and members of the Thai Packaging Association.  For more information on this workshop: http://uswatch.mfa.go.th/uswatch/th/activity/act_us_watch/detail.php?activity=1626
  • The second workshop was a half-day workshop at the Department of Packaging Technology and Materials, Kasetsart University where Dr. Malasri focused his presentation on CBU’s experience in packaging research and ISTA lab and technician certification requirements. About 50 faculty, students, and packaging lab professionals attended the workshop.  He also visited the nearby government-funded Thai Packaging Center after the workshop.  The center tests packages for customers similar to the CBU Certified Packaging Lab. For more information on this workshop: http://www.agro.ku.ac.th/thai/depart_seminar_detail.php?id=141&dep_id=42013Workshops-Thailand

In the picture: (Top) Dr. Pong Malasri received a gift after his presentation at the June 5th workshop from Deputy Director-General Pattrawan Vechasart, Department of American and South Pacific Affairs, Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  (Bottom) Dr. Malasri received another gift at the June 6th workshop from Dr. Tunyarut Jinkarn, Head of Packaging Technology and Materials Department, Kasetsart University.  More pictures can be viewed at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.458998040858864.1073741826.343830122375657&type=1&l=82f2a0f2d4