CBU Certified Packaging Lab is Expanding


Larry Rutledge (CBU Certified Lab Manager), Henry Rhodes (Engineering Technician), and Bob Moats (Engineering Technician) with the Elvis TS-122

Recently, the CBU Certified Packaging Lab has acquired two new pieces of equipment:

  • The Elvis TS-122, a new vibration test system (manufactured by Lansmont), was purchased used from Michigan State University. It can test packages up to 800 lb., which is more than ten times more capacity than the existing vibration table.  Elvis weighs about 7,000 lbs.
  • On November 14, FedEx donated a Gaynes Incline Impact Tester to the CBU lab. The tester is about 20 feet long, weighs about 800 lbs., and can handle packages up to 500 lbs.

Pictured l-r: Bob Moats (Lab Technician), Janet Smith (Managing Director, FedEx), and Larry Rutledge (CBU Certified Packaging Lab Manager)

The CBU lab has now become a full-fledged transport packaging test lab with the following equipment: a Lansmont drop tester for small packages, a L.A.B. drop tester for large packages, a Lansmont vibration table for small packages, an Elvis vibration test system for large packages, a Gaynes incline impact tester, a Lansmont shock test system, a Cincinnati Subzero temperature-humidity chamber, a modified Gaynes compression table, and an Envirotronic altitude chamber.  For a lab tour, please contact Dr. Pong Malasri, Packaging Department Chair, at pong@cbu.edu.

For more photos of the lab and its new equipment, visit the Packaging Department’s Facebook page