Faculty News

Dr. L. Yu Lin (Civil & Environmental Engineering) presented a paper entitled “Combined Application of Wetland and Fish Habitat Estimation Methods for the Tunica Lake Weir, Tunica, Mississippi” at the  Tennessee Water Resources Symposium in Burns, TN. The original project was sponsored by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Memphis District.  A couple of engineering students participated in JAVA language programming for the development of fish spawning and rearing in wetland areas and habitat suitability index computation.

MAESC 2013: The following papers authored/coauthored by CBU faculty/staff/students were presented at the MAESC 2013 Conference on October 28-29 at the University of Mississippi.

  • P. Shiue and J. Aflaki, “Introducing Additive Manufacturing in Freshman Introductory Course”
  • J. Speidel, F. Schott, M. White, S. Anderson, and J. Ventura, “MATHCOUNTS: Recommendations for Increasing Participation”
  • M. Harvey, S. Malasri, and A. Ray, “Considerations in Developing a State-of-the-Art Packaging Lab”
  • S. Malasri, D. Olivares, and J. Rivera, “Packaging Opportunities in Mexico”
  • S. Malasri, P. Aung, A. Pourhashemi, R. Moats, and T. Sullivan, “Mold & Wooden Pallets: A Preliminary Study”
  • S. Malasri, N. McKee, M. Harvey, I. Griffith, and J. Ventura, “Psychrometric Neural Networks”
  • L. Shiue, L. Lin, and A. Pourhashemi, “Ethanol Extraction from Rice Hulls”
  • D. Choudhary and S. Chari, “Electrocardiography Systems: A Review of Device Technology”