Alumni News

  • Jittapong “JT” Malasri (CE ’06, MBA ’12) was selected to the Memphis Flyer’s “20 < 30″ Class of 2014, the newspaper’s annual selection of young Memphians who are shaping the city’s future. JT, who designs utilities for apartments and subdivision for MLGW, was lauded for his work with the Urban Land Institute, an organization that helps real estate and development specialists share best practices for a more sustainable city.
  • aassAndrew Assadollahi (CE & MATH ’09) (pictured right) completed his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering at the University of Memphis in December 2013.  He is currently teaching Geotechnical Engineering, Foundation Design, and Advanced Mechanics of Materials as an Adjunct Professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Christian Brothers University. This is what he had to say about his CBU education: “The education I received at CBU enabled me to successfully complete my graduate degrees.  Now, I get the privilege to provide a high quality education to students at CBU like what I experienced when I was a student here.”   

Civil Engineering News

Dr. Andrew Assadollahi (Civil & Environmental Engineering), Professor Gene McGinnis (Civil & Environmental Engineering) and Lauren Harrett (Civil Engineering ’15) recently presented a PowerPoint presentation to six classes of high school students at CBC High School in St. Louis. The trio illustrated how the math and science courses that they were taking in high school related to the engineering profession. They also attended the 2014 ASCE Workshop for Student Chapter Leaders in St. Louis along with Kolbie Seay (Civil Engineering ’15), Reggie Raney (Civil Engineering ’17) and Emily Conrad (General Studies ’17).


Packaging News – Winter 2014

  • Dr. Pong Malasri (Packaging) gave a two-day seminar on Transport Packaging at the Universidad DeLaSalle, Bajio (Leon, Mexico) on March 10-11. About 100 people attended the seminar with about half from area companies. DeLaSalle will start a new Master of Packaging in August 2015. They are also working on forming a packaging consortium with area companies similar to the CBU Healthcare Packaging Consortium and possibly a commercial test lab similar to CBU’s certified packaging lab. The seminar is also part of Dr. Malasri’s study-abroad packaging course.

Pictured (l-r) PKG 201 class: Alex Othmani, Yuliana Sanchez-Luna, Sebastian Polania, Matthew Johnson, Ashley Qureshi, David Guerrero, Michael Kist, and Dr. Pong Malasri.

  • Students from PKG 201 Packaging Seminars visited The Pallet Factory in Memphis on January 31. The Pallet Factory, a member of CBU Healthcare Packaging Consortium, has supplied wooden pallets for pallet research at CBU.
  • ELViS Finds a New Home in Memphis: Recently Lansmont Corporation posted a short article on their website about the new vibration test system acquired by CBU’s ISTA Certified Packaging Lab last November from the Michigan State Packaging Lab. Lansmont is a leading manufacturer of package testing equipment based in California. The CBU lab has several pieces of test equipment from Lansmont. Eric Joneson, VP of Technology at Lansmont, also serves on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Advanced Packaging Technology, the official journal of the CBU Healthcare Packaging Consortium. ELViS stands for Entry Level Vibrati on System.
  • MicroPort Orthopedics, the sixth largest multinational hip and knee orthopedic reconstruction business, has recently become the latest member of the CBU Healthcare Packaging Consortium. MicroPort is  located in Arlington, TN; its parent company, MicroPort Scientific Corporation, is based in P. R. China. The CBU Healthcare Packaging Consortium was established on June 1, 2010, with seven founding members:  Evergreen Packaging, FedEx, Merck Consumer Care, Medtronic, Plastic Ingenuity, Smith & Nephew, and Wright Medical.  Since then The Pallet Factory, Olympus Surgical Technologies America, WS Packaging, New-Tech Packaging, and MicroPort Orthopedics have joined the consortium.
  • The International Journal of Advanced Packaging Technology (IJAPT), the CBU Healthcare Packaging Consortium’s official journal, has recently been listed in SHERPA/RoMEO, a research database based at the University of Nottingham (UK). IJAPT has already been indexed/abstracted by DOAJ, Google Scholar, Journal TOCs, IndexCopernicus, ProQuest USA, Research Gate, Journaldatabase, and several others.
  • A Healthcare Packaging Consortium research project on recycled cardboard was cited by NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre. Results showed that the performance of recycled materials had more degradation under extreme conditions than virgin materials. The work was published in the International Journal of Advanced Packaging Technology. The work, sponsored by FedEx, was under the supervision of Dr. Ray Brown (Mechanical Engineering).
  • Volume 2, Number 1 of the International Journal of Advanced Packaging Technology (IJAPT) has been issued with the first article on “Time-Frequency Analysis of Shock and Vibration Measurements Using Wavelet Transforms” by Dr. Divya Choudhary (Electrical/Computer Engineering), Dr. Pong Malasri (Packaging Department), Mallory Harvey (Civil Engineering ’14), and Amanda Smith (Engineering Management ’15). IJAPT is the official journal of CBU Healthcare Packaging Consortium. The first volume (2013) contains seven articles highlighting our consortium work. The second volume will have contributions from other non-CBU authors.  An article from Eric Joneson, VP of Technology for Lansmont, will appear soon.
  • Mr. Bob Moats (Engineering Lab Technician) recently passed the ISTA CPLP Technician examination. Currently there are about 200+ ISTA Certified Packaging Lab Technicians worldwide. There are three levels of ISTA certification: technician, technologist, and professionals. For more information about ISTA CPLP program, please visit
  • Dr. Pong Malasri (Packaging), Dr. Ali Pourhashemi (Chemical Engineering), Bob Moats (Engineering Lab), Mallory Harvey (Civil Engineering ’14), Rebecca Wauford (Mechanical Engineering ’15), David Guerrero (Civil Engineering ’14), Patrick Held (Engineering Management/Packaging ’15), Griselda Matos Martinez (Engineering Management ’16), Ebonee Malone (Engineering Management/Packaging), Matthew Ohlwein (Engineering Management/Packaging ’17), and Frederique Worthy (Packaging Minor) published an article entitled “Effect of Cushion Placed on Wooden Pallets” in the International Journal of Advanced Packaging Technology. The work is part of the pallet research project sponsored by FedEx.
  • The CBU Healthcare Packaging Consortium has completed the first volume (2013) of its official journal, the International Journal of Advanced Packaging Technology.  This volume documents packaging research work performed at the consortium since its establishment in 2010.  More work will continue to appear in the future volumes of the journal along with non-CBU articles.  Full articles can be viewed at

S-PAC 2013


Dr. Ben Amaba, PE (‘87) gave a presentation on “Practice of Innovation” at S-PAC 2013.

Dr. Ben Amaba, PE (‘87), Worldwide Executive for IBM on Complex Systems gave a presentation on “Practice of Innovation” at the 7th annual Student-Professional Awareness Conference (S-PAC) held on November 8 at the Salvation Army Kroc Center. IEEE Memphis Section, the IEEE student branches at CBU and the University of Memphis, ASCE (CBU), and ASME (CBU) hosted the event. Over 75 students and 35 professionals attended. Career Services Director, Amy Ware, introduced the theme of the program – “Innovation and Communication.”  Pat Nelson, State Representative – Mississippi Legislature, also gave a presentation on “Art of Communication.”

Dr. Yuri Quintana, St. Jude Research Hospital and Chair of the Memphis Section of IEEE, presented Patrick McGinnis (EE,CS‘15), Shilpa Appurubugatha (EE’14), Sean Dantis (EE,CS‘14), and Mark Minyard (UofM) the Award of Service from the Memphis Section of IEEE for their efforts in making the S-PAC a success. The S-PAC is a structured event where students interact with experienced engineers from diverse backgrounds. Hosted annually, the S-PAC brings together students and professionals from mid-south universities where they have a chance to interact with professionals through a round table discussion. The sponsors of S-PAC Fall 2013 are Christian Brothers University, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, University of Memphis, AT&T, MLG&W, ThyssenKrupp Elevator, Fisher & Arnold, Memphis Chapter of Tennessee Society of Professional Engineers, Smith and Nephew, Sharp, NKC, Trane, Lokion, and the Memphis Section of IEEE.

The program was organized by Conference Chairs, Patrick McGinnis, Shilpa Appurubugatha, and Mark Minyard (University of Memphis); Program, Website and Registration Chair, Patrick McGinnis; Sponsorship Chair, Sean Dantis; Facility, and Catering Chair,  Shilpa Appurubugatha; and CBU S-PAC Activities Coordinator, Dr. John Ventura, PE (EE‘65).

Women in STEM Panel

Women in Engineering (WIE) and the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) hosted a panel discussion on “Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)” on November 15. Panelists included women from industry and academia. They discussed various topics such as their career path, workplace challenges, career transition advice, importance of networking and work/life balance followed by a Q&A session.

Moderators included Dr. Amy Curry (Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Memphis) and Dr. Divya Choudhary (Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at CBU).

Panelists included Belinda G. Watkins (VP, Enterprise Information and Security Engineering for FedEx Services), Dr. Barbara Blum (Sr. Project Engineer, Biologics Development for Wright Medical Technology), Regina Holmes (PMP, Sr. Regulatory Affairs Specialist Enabling Technologies Spinal and Biologics for Medtronic), Maria Teresa Lensing (Signature Client – Vice President for AT&T), Heather Kraus (Roadway Project Engineer for Kimley-Horn and Associates), Brittany Course (IT Applications Associate for Sedgwick), and Elizabeth Gire (Assistant Professor of Physics at the University of Memphis).

CBU Certified Packaging Lab is Expanding


Larry Rutledge (CBU Certified Lab Manager), Henry Rhodes (Engineering Technician), and Bob Moats (Engineering Technician) with the Elvis TS-122

Recently, the CBU Certified Packaging Lab has acquired two new pieces of equipment:

  • The Elvis TS-122, a new vibration test system (manufactured by Lansmont), was purchased used from Michigan State University. It can test packages up to 800 lb., which is more than ten times more capacity than the existing vibration table.  Elvis weighs about 7,000 lbs.
  • On November 14, FedEx donated a Gaynes Incline Impact Tester to the CBU lab. The tester is about 20 feet long, weighs about 800 lbs., and can handle packages up to 500 lbs.

Pictured l-r: Bob Moats (Lab Technician), Janet Smith (Managing Director, FedEx), and Larry Rutledge (CBU Certified Packaging Lab Manager)

The CBU lab has now become a full-fledged transport packaging test lab with the following equipment: a Lansmont drop tester for small packages, a L.A.B. drop tester for large packages, a Lansmont vibration table for small packages, an Elvis vibration test system for large packages, a Gaynes incline impact tester, a Lansmont shock test system, a Cincinnati Subzero temperature-humidity chamber, a modified Gaynes compression table, and an Envirotronic altitude chamber.  For a lab tour, please contact Dr. Pong Malasri, Packaging Department Chair, at

For more photos of the lab and its new equipment, visit the Packaging Department’s Facebook page

Fall 2013 Lunch & Learn Series

The CBU School of Engineering hosted a series of Lunch & Learns this fall. These talks are available to all engineering  students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

  • September 19 – “How to be a Sales Engineer” by Sam Noland (ME’12), Sales Engineer at nexAir, LLC
  • October 10 -  “Packaging and Career Opportunities” by JC Heotis II, President of New-Tech Packaging, Inc.
  • November 21 – “Softskills for Engineers” by Amy Ware, Director of Career Services at CBU

Amy Ware gave a talk on “Softskills for Engineers” which focused on developing the softer, interpersonal and relationship-building skills that help people to communicate and collaborate effectively.


Faculty News

Dr. L. Yu Lin (Civil & Environmental Engineering) presented a paper entitled “Combined Application of Wetland and Fish Habitat Estimation Methods for the Tunica Lake Weir, Tunica, Mississippi” at the  Tennessee Water Resources Symposium in Burns, TN. The original project was sponsored by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Memphis District.  A couple of engineering students participated in JAVA language programming for the development of fish spawning and rearing in wetland areas and habitat suitability index computation.

MAESC 2013: The following papers authored/coauthored by CBU faculty/staff/students were presented at the MAESC 2013 Conference on October 28-29 at the University of Mississippi.

  • P. Shiue and J. Aflaki, “Introducing Additive Manufacturing in Freshman Introductory Course”
  • J. Speidel, F. Schott, M. White, S. Anderson, and J. Ventura, “MATHCOUNTS: Recommendations for Increasing Participation”
  • M. Harvey, S. Malasri, and A. Ray, “Considerations in Developing a State-of-the-Art Packaging Lab”
  • S. Malasri, D. Olivares, and J. Rivera, “Packaging Opportunities in Mexico”
  • S. Malasri, P. Aung, A. Pourhashemi, R. Moats, and T. Sullivan, “Mold & Wooden Pallets: A Preliminary Study”
  • S. Malasri, N. McKee, M. Harvey, I. Griffith, and J. Ventura, “Psychrometric Neural Networks”
  • L. Shiue, L. Lin, and A. Pourhashemi, “Ethanol Extraction from Rice Hulls”
  • D. Choudhary and S. Chari, “Electrocardiography Systems: A Review of Device Technology”

Fall 2013 Field Trips


PKG 101 class

  • On September 27, the PKG 101 class toured Olympus Surgical Technologies America,  where the students were introduced to medical-device packaging.  The company, a member of the CBU Healthcare Packaging Consortium, is under the “Medical” group of Olympus. (Other groups include “Cameras and Audio,” “Life Science,” and “Industrial.”)

Chemical Engineering Projects class

  • On November 19,  the Chemical Engineering Projects class toured the glycerine recovery section of the PMC Biogenix plant in Memphis.  Our hosts were CBU ChE alums Mike Haskins (BSChE 1993) and Thomas Zavodny (BSChE 1979).