Featured Story: Sophomore Civil Student Gets Real World Experience

Lauren Harrett, a civil engineering sophomore, participated in a 3 month co-op term with Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing of North America in Erlanger, KY. Harrett worked in the Plant Engineering Department and specifically with the Plant and Building Planning Section. She visited and worked at three different plants including the powertrain plant in Huntsville, AL, and the full manufacturing plants in Georgetown, KY and Tupelo, MS. She had the opportunity to participate in 3 major projects during the term, including a Test Track Expansion project, a V6 engine building expansion project, and a truss reinforcement and header replacement project. Harrett had the following to say about the experience:

“These projects helped me see a side of the real world that I had not been exposed to before. I got a real sense of the real world when I had meetings with advisers from Japan and the GM and Asst. GM to get some of my work approved. I worked with students from all over the country….including Rochester, NY and Los Angeles, CA.”

Student News


Here’s a list of where some of our 2012 graduates went to work:

  • Ethan Clapp (ChE) is a Corporate Process Control Engineer at the AOC World Headquarters in Collierville, TN.
  • Maverick Ford (ChE) is an Inside Sales Engineer at Experitec, Inc.
  • Austin Gooch (ME) is a Quality Manager at Aerobic Cruiser Hybrid Cycles, LLC.
  • Andrew Greenop (ME) is a Project Engineer at Diversified Conveyors, Inc.
  • Tarris Greer (CE) is a Civil Structural Engineer at Thomas & Betts.
  • Morgan Alexandra Harrell (ChE) is a Process Engineer at W. M. Barr and Company.
  • Max Karimnia (EE) is a Digital Media Quality Assurance Manager at Signature Advertising & Marketing Solutions.
  • Samantha Noland (ME) is in training to be a Weld Specialist/Sales Engineer at nexAir, Inc.
  • Hunter Porter (CE) is a Traffic Engineer in training at Florence and Hutcheson, Inc. located in Hernando, MS.
  • Kalli Powers (ME) is a Product Engineer at Cummins, Inc in Memphis, TN.
  • Raquel Edwards Stephens (ChE) is an Inside Sales Engineer at Experitec, Inc.

Some of our 2012 graduates continued their study in graduate school:

  • Justin Davis (EE) is attending graduate school at Arkansas Tech University.
  • Steven Denton (EE) is attending graduate school at the Georgetown University Law Center.
  • Taylor Stinson (CE) is attending graduate school at the University of Memphis.
  • Andrew Wellman (EE,CS) is attending graduate school at Georgia Institute of Technology.



Upcoming freshman, Trey McGinnis (EE’16), recently returned from Stanford University, where he attended a People to People Leadership Summit on Technology. McGinnis, along with fellow delegates from around the world, participated in hands-on activities such as building a robot, workshops,  professional speakers, and visits to famous technology companies. The program gave participants an insider’s look at the world of technology. Some of the notable speakers at the Summit were John Calhoun (Producer of the Dead Space games), Mark Randall (Chief Strategist at Adobe), and Eric Ly (Co-founder of LinkedIn). They visited companies such as Adobe, Zynga, and the Sprint Collaboration Center. They were given a robotics project that challenged them to build a prototype of a robot with two Lego Mindstorm NXTg kits that would help to solve a world problem. McGinnis’s team came up with an idea to build a robot that would plant trees and other plants.

Trey McGinnis (pictured above) said “Overall it was a lot of fun, and it was an awesome experience to hear from people from big companies like Adobe and EA.”




Adam V. Blair B.S. Electrical Engineering CUM LAUDE
Joseph F. Boyer B.S. Civil Engineering
Garrett J. Brooks B.S. Electrical Engineering SUMMA CUM LAUDE
B.S. Computer Science
Allen S. Chu B.S. Electrical Engineering
Ethan M. Clapp B.S. Chemical Engineering SUMMA CUM LAUDE
Justin R. Davis B.S. Electrical Engineering SUMMA CUM LAUDE
Steven J. Denton B.S. Electrical Engineering MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Drew C. Duch B.S. Mechanical Engineering MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Luke H. Eck B.S. Mechanical Engineering CUM LAUDE
Maverick T. Ford B.S. Chemical Engineering CUM LAUDE
Lauren E. Forte B.S. Engineering Management
Katelyn A. Godwin B.S. Civil Engineering
Timothy A. Gooch B.S. Mechanical Engineering SUMMA CUM LAUDE
Andrew W. Greenop B.S. Mechanical Engineering SUMMA CUM LAUDE
B.S. Mathematics
Tarris W. Greer B.S. Civil Engineering CUM LAUDE
Morgan Alexandra Harrell B.S. Chemical Engineering
Daniel S. Johnson B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Max M. Karimnia B.S. Electrical Engineering
Gideon N. Leteyian B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Steven S. Menezes B.S. Electrical Engineering SUMMA CUM LAUDE
B.S. Computer Science
Samantha E. Noland B.S. Mechanical Engineering CUM LAUDE
B.S. Philosophy
Phuc Thien Phan B.S. Chemical Engineering SUMMA CUM LAUDE
Caristy B. Polischeck B.S. Electrical Engineering CUM LAUDE
B.S. Computer Science
Hunter A. Porter B.S. Civil Engineering
Kalli E. Powers B.S. Mechanical Engineering CUM LAUDE
Raquel Edwards Stevens B.S. Chemical Engineering SUMMA CUM LAUDE
Gregory T. Stinson B.S. Civil Engineering MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Samuel Tsai B.S. Chemical Engineering
Brian J. Vernon B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Andrew C. Wellman B.S. Electrical Engineering SUMMA CUM LAUDE
B.S. Computer Science
Alexander N. Williams B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Alumni News

Raquel Edwards (ChE’12) married Joshua Stevens on June 2.

Boris de Souza (EE’09) earned a Master’s degree in Computer Science specializing in Human Computer Interaction from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Boris is currently the lead designer & frontend engineer at a Y Combinator backed startup called Cardpool.com.

Navin Prabhu (EE’08) (pictured right) earned a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering focusing in Digital Signal Processing from the University of California Los Angeles. Currently, Navin is a Senior Engineer in Electronic Design in the Advanced Read Write Technology Department at Western Digital. He is responsible for the design, validation, and testing of error correcting codes such as LDPC (Lower Density Parity Check ) and RS (Reed Solomon codes). In simpler terms, when digital data is written onto a media (in addition to the user data), additional “error correcting” data is added which assists in the read back process if the user data cannot be fully recovered. His department is in charge of maximizing this effort and also researching to see if better techniques/codes/signal processing methods can be implemented to achieve maximum capacity on the drive without compromising data integrity.

Buccaneer golfer Taylor Stinson (CE’12) was named the Bucs’ first Academic All-Gulf South Conference golfer since 2009, and 38 more CBU student-athletes joined him on the GSC Spring Academic Honor Roll. CBU’s total of 39 athletes on the Spring Academic Honor Roll ranks second in the GSC, and the Bucs’ full-year tally of 93 is the most in the GSC.

Pre-College Events

This fall, Christian Brothers University will host a series of pre-college events:


  • September 25 – Create a 3D Animation Using Alice (high school)
  • October 23 – Kick Stick: Simple Circuits (middle school)
  • November 8 – Cryptography: Ciphers to Cybersecurity (high school)


  • September 29 — OPEN HOUSE: Discover CBU
    Come visit to see what being a CBU student is really like.
  • October 26 — Science & Engineering Day
    Sign up for a day of informational sessions & events for those of you who are interested in Science and Engineering.
  • November 12 — OPEN HOUSE: Discover CBU
    If you missed our September date, here’s another chance for you to come visit.
  • November 29 — Residence Life Preview Day
    A great way to take a look at some of our housing options and learn more about living on CBU’s campus.

Faculty News

Dr. L. Yu Lin (CE) continues his work with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to fulfill the agreement between the USACE Memphis District and University under the Intergovernmental Personnel Act.

Dr. L. Yu Lin (CE) has completed the installation of the monitor system for the stormwater retention system in CBU’s soccer field. The purpose of this project is to reduce/relief flood in the Lick Creek drainage watershed area.

Mr. Gene McGinnis (CE) (pictured right) will serve as the new CE Department Chair replacing Dr. Madhavan who retired this past May. This is McGinnis’ second stint as department chair having served as chair from 1999-2008. He will begin his twenty-fourth year as a CBU professor this fall. Mr. McGinnis teaches courses in transportation engineering, construction engineering, surveying and CAD. He is currently serving as project manager of the Dixon Gallery and Gardens Geomatics Project.

Packaging News


Even though packaging activities at CBU have been around since 2001, the Packaging Department became official in June 2012 with Dr. Pong Malasri as the Chair. The department oversees:

  • Education Programs
    - B.S. Engineering Management (Packaging Concentration)
    - Undergraduate Packaging Engineering Certificate
    - Undergraduate Packaging Minor
    - M.S. Engineering Management (Packaging Concentration)
    - Graduate Packaging Certificate
  • Healthcare Packaging Consortium
  • ISTA Certified Commercial Package Testing Lab



TAPPI’s Board of Directors unanimously approved the creation of two new student chapters – Christian Brothers University and Washington State University. Robert Hammond, Chair of TAPPI’s PLACE Division said, “Traditionally the TAPPI Chapters have only been at paper schools. This represents a significant step for TAPPI in the reaching out to all sectors of the Packaging Industry.”

News about the TAPPI Student Chapter establishment appears in the digital magazine of Packaging Europe, a UK based company featuring Europe’s premier packaging publication, with continent-wide coverage and a global reach. Click here to read the digital magazine

Siripong Malasri, Ph.D., P.E., Chair of the Packaging Program said, “Having a TAPPI Student Chapter will galvanize our packaging students. The Packaging Department at CBU will become official on June 1, 2012, even though we have had packaging programs for many years. Recently CBU Packaging has moved forward significantly with its ISTA Certified Packaging Lab (2009) and Healthcare Packaging Consortium (2010). We are now in the position to grow our packaging enrollment.”  Here are our student chapter founding officers:

  • President: Alvin Siow (ChE & Pkg Minor)
  • Vice President: Mallory Harvey (CE & Pkg Minor)
  • Treasurer: Rhett Jordan (ChE & Pkg Minor)
  • Secretary: Phyo Aung (CE & Pkg Minor)



The Healthcare Packaging Consortium is one member stronger! In June 2012, The Pallet Factory, Inc. joined Evergreen Packaging, FedEx, Medtronic, Merck, Plastic Ingenuity, Smith & Nephew, and Wright Medical as a member of the consortium. Michael Doyle, President and CEO of the company, serves as its representative on the consortium. Mr. Doyle has been a board member of the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association for 15 years and a former Chairman of the Board of the organization. He is one of the principal shareholders and founding member of PALNET, a one source, one point-of-contact pallet provider.

Dr. Pong Malasri presented a two-hour seminar on CBU Healthcare Packaging Consortium and some of its R&D projects at Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok, Thailand) on May 25 and at Khonkaen University (Khonkaen, Thailand) on June 7 while he was on vacation in the country.



TAPPI plans to host a golf event raising scholarship fund for CBU engineering students who are interested in a career in pulp/paper/packaging. The event is tentatively scheduled for October 22, 5:30 – 9:00 p.m., at Vantage Point Golf Center, a brand new facility on Macon Road, Cordova. It is open to the public. For more information, please contact Dr. Pong Malasri at pong@cbu.edu.



Mr. Noppadol Krairiksh, VP of the Thai Packaging Association, visited CBU ISTA Certified Packaging Lab on Friday, August 17. He is also Managing Director of a packaging-related company in Thailand, C.G.S. (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Pictured on right, Mr. Krairiksh presented Dr. Pong Malasri (CE & Packaging) a copy of the latest issue of The Thai Packaging Newsletter, the official magazine of the Thai Packaging Association.



Since its inception on June 1, 2010, the Healthcare Packaging Consortium R&D project results have appeared in the following publications and more are in the pipeline:

  • Ray Brown, Asit Ray, and Samuel Tsai, “Correlating Peel & Burst Test Data for Unrestricted Pouches with Fin Seal Edges,” Proceedings of the MAESC 2012 Conference, Memphis, TN, May 1, 2012
  • Kalli Powers, Matthew Warren, and Ray Brown, “Packaging Analysis,” Proceedings of the MAESC 2012 Conference, Memphis, TN, May 1, 2012.
  • Siripong Malasri, Ali Pourhashemi, Robert Moats, Mallory Harvey, and Phyo Aung, “Water Absorption of Wooden Pallets: A Preliminary Study,” Proceedings of the MAESC 2012 Conference, Memphis, TN, May 1, 2012.
  • Siripong Malasri, Alvin Siow, Katy Moser, Mallory Harvey, Phyo Aung, Matt Warren, Rhett Jordan, Evan Edwards, and Paul Shiue, “Estimating Drop Height from Saver’s Impact Acceleration,” Proceedings of the MAESC 2012 Conference, Memphis, TN, May 1, 2012.
  • Siripong Malasri, Phyo Aung, Katy Moser, Matt Warren, Rhett Jordan, Mallory Harvey, and Alvin Siow, “Subsequent Impact Acceleration Analysis of Air Pillow Study,” Proceedings of the MAESC 2012 Conference, Memphis, TN, May 1, 2012.
  • Siripong Malasri, Phyo Aung, Evan Edwards, John Archer, Katy Moser, and Paul Shiue, “Distribution Tote Testing: A Weight Study,” Proceedings of the MAESC 2012 Conference, Memphis, TN, May 1, 2012.
  • Siripong Malasri, Robert Moats, John Archer, Paul Shiue, Ray Brown, and Larry Rutledge, “Plastic Tote Drop Impact Study,” Journal of Packaging, Institute of Packaging Professionals, January 2012.
  • Siripong Malasri, “Undergraduate Research in Healthcare Packaging,” Proceedings of the ASEE Mid-Atlantic Conference, American Society for Engineering Education, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 29, 2011.
  • Siripong Malasri, Paul Shiue, Anthony Lawrence, Larry Rutledge, and Robert Moats, “Preliminary Study of Plastic Tote Drop Impact,” Proceedings of the MAESC 2011 Conference, Memphis, Tennessee, May 3, 2011.
    Siripong Malasri, Asit Ray, and Larry Rutledge, “Healthcare Packaging Consortium,” Proceedings of the MAESC 2011 Conference, Memphis, Tennessee, May 3, 2011.
  • Larry Rutledge, Siripong Malasri, and Anthony Lawrence, “Distribution Tote Testing,” Proceedings of the 2011 International Transport Packaging Forum, International Safe Transit Association, Orlando, Florida, April 18-21, 2011.

School of Engineering News


Christian Brothers University is offering the Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics degree beginning August 2012. This interdisciplinary degree provides an integrated curriculum that will prepare you to pursue employment or graduate school in a fast-growing field. CBU’s degree integrates courses in computer science, electrical engineering and management information systems. You’ll learn how to protect confidential data stored within computer networks. You’ll also learn how to engage in computer crime investigations – an emerging field known as digital forensics. As part of the academic program, you’ll also participate in an internship with one of CBU’s corporate partners. Computer science and engineering courses focus on subjects such as digital design, data structures, programming, networks and database design. Business coursework covers topics such as business applications, management information systems, information security and digital forensics. For more information on CBU’s new Cybersecurity and Digital Forensic program, visit www.cbu.edu/cyber or contact Dan Brandon at dbrandon@cbu.edu.



Tutoring for Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Statics, and Dynamics is available at the Living Learning Center in the evenings from 8:00 – 10:00pm, Sunday through Thursday, every week of the fall semester from August 26 to December 9. (The only exceptions are October 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and November 21, 22.)


“Like us” on Facebook and find out about all the latest engineering news, including paid internship opportunities, jobs, events, student projects, photos, and more!

Join our LinkedIn Group and become part of a professional network where we post the latest engineering job opportunities, internships, and events for current students, alums, and friends. LinkedIn also gives you the opportunity to catch up with your professional contacts, favorite professors, and more!



The schedule for the Fall 2012 Lunch & Learn Lecture Series has been set. The Lunch & Learns are for engineering students, faculty, and alumni. They are every month from 12:30 to 1:50pm in Nolan 241.

  • September 20 - Jim Burkhead, Vice President of Applied Technology, will give a talk titled “Microalgae Biofuels and Food: A Current Perspective”
  • October 11 - Hugh Teaford will give a talk on the railroad museum and Harahan Bridge.
  • October 25 - Major Gast will give a talk about opportunities with the ROTC
  • November 8 - Mark Cooper (FedEx)



In case you didn’t already know about it, the School of Engineering has a company store with Lands’ End! The School of Engineering logo can be applied to any Lands’ End product through the online store at http://ces.landsend.com/cbuengineering.



The CBU Annual Fund now allows alumni to designate their gifts to a particular school or area. The online donation page is set up so you can specify where your gift should be used. In addition, you can dedicate your gift to the honor or memory of someone special in your life. Because of its simplicity, giving cash is the most popular form of giving. Cash gifts may be made by currency, check, money order, bank draft, or credit card. The applicable income tax deduction reduces the actual cost of the gift. If you would like to make a donation online, you may do so by visiting https://commerce.cashnet.com/cashnete/selfserve/EditItem.aspx?PC=ADVANCE-GFT&ItemCount=1

Save the Date: Bell Tower Gala

Saturday, November 17
The Hilton Memphis Hotel
939 Ridgelake Blvd.
6:00 p.m.

This exclusive event will honor CBU’s past presidents while giving alumni and supporters an opportunity to celebrate 140 years of Lasallian tradition. Guests will enjoy fine dining, cocktails, an auction and the opportunity to mingle with CBU luminaries past and present. Tickets are $150 each. For more information on how you can participate, and receive an alumni discounted rate, get in touch! If you would like to support the event, please take a look at our Sponsorship packet.