Featured Alum: Lachre Brown

Lachre Brown, biology 2003,┬áis now fulfilling her dreams in the field of healthcare as a registered nurse. She is not your typical nurse though, she is a travel nurse. Travel nursing has been around for years and is a growing career choice for new and upcoming nurses. The nurse travel agencies require a licensed registered nurse with one year of experience in any specialty area. Most nurses find an agency by just going on-line. There are hundred of agencies to choose from and each offers special perks in hopes that more nurses will choose their agency. Once an agency is chosen, then the fun begins! Nurses get to choose any place in the country that they want to go from California to Hawaii and even overseas, if the agency offers international travel. During the trip all expenses are paid for including airfare, housing and car rental. Looks like Lachre has found a dream job and she thanks the professors at CBU for helping her get there. Special thanks goes to Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald and the MHIRT program for providing that reaching out to the community and meeting the community’s health needs that enriches us all.