Featured Alum: Jarad Braddy, Biology 2000, D.D.S. 2005

When Dr. Ogilvie asked me to write this essay, I immediately thought back to the moment when I decided upon my career path. While bored in a statistics class I began to daydream and contemplate my future. The idea of being a dentist simply came to me during this daydream. I had never considered it before, but quickly realized it was a perfect fit. I graduated from CBU in 2000 with a degree in Biology and went on to University of Tennessee Dental School. After a challenging five years (I actually had to repeat a year due to a mono infection!), I finally graduated from UT in 2005. After passing all of my boards, I began working in a practice in Southaven, MS. About six months later, I bought into the practice and the company, Drs. Joe, Braddy and Simmons PLLC was formed. I now have two partners, Dr. Stephen Joe and Dr. Rhett Simmons. Following my epiphany in my sophomore statistics class, I truly believed that dentistry was going to be a great career for me, but I never expected to enjoy my work as much as I do. I simply love the variety of people I have the opportunity to care for daily. At least ten times a day I hear the phrase “I hate the dentist.” (One patient went so far as to state he would rather be getting an exam by a gynecologist. This patient was a man.) Instead of bothering me, I take these statements as a challenge. It’s my job to make sure my patients have the best experience possible while receiving the best care possible. My favorite part of my job is when one of these challenging patients actually begins to enjoy their time at my office. I am so thankful that I not only enjoy my work as much as I do, but I also have been able to watch our practice grow despite the challenging economy. We have outgrown our current office location and will be constructing a new, larger building soon. I am so excited about the future of our company and look forward to all the challenges and rewards that are headed our way.