Note from the Dean

Warm inside

Winter is cold outside, but it is warm and alive inside at CBU.

Life is full of challenges, including those of weather and seasons.  We are starting to come to the end of winter, a time of little daylight, cold, and colds and flu.  As cold as it feels to us here, Memphis doesn’t have the cold of the North, where according to Jack London in his story To Build a Fire:

“He spat upon the snow, — a favorite northland trick, — and the sharp crackle of the instantly congealed spittle startled him. The spirit thermometer at Calumet had registered sixty below when he left, but he was certain it had grown much colder, how much colder he could not imagine.”

Sometimes it helps to compare your problems with others, but the problems still remain.  The person in Jack London’s story started out with full confidence in his abilities, so much so that he disregarded a major safety precaution which Jack London begins his story with:

“For land travel or seafaring, the world over, a companion is usually considered desirable. In the Klondike, as Tom Vincent found out, such a companion is absolutely essential. “

Both students and faculty face problems in college, but at CBU we try very hard to provide that travelling companion to help our faculty and students survive and even thrive in the face of problems.  To tackle real problems and succeed is one of the greatest thrills a person can experience.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter and appreciate the coming spring with its more abundant sunshine and warmer temperatures.

*To read the short story, see: